Please Stop Laughing at me

By; Jodee Blanco


Jodee was continuously bullied from Elementary school and throughout high school. Jodee and parents tried many things to end the bullying, she spent most of her life going to numerous school. Her parents had no clue on why their daughter was a misfit so they eventually decided to all move to a different location. Anywhere Jodee would go everything was the same in every school it never seemed to ended, Jodee always had a hard time making friends because she would stick up for what she knows is the right thing and that was considered “uncool” to everyone she's met.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco- She is the narrator of the story.

Jodee was taunted by kids from elementary school through high school. She always struggled to fit in In the novel she is being victimized by bullies in three different schools. Bullying has led her to be a stronger person later in her life, like when she has to confront her bullies at her high school reunion. “Why do i have to face yesterday’s ghost’s, anyway i'm successful today”.(p.4)

Mom (Joy blanco)- She is one of Jodee’s parents throughout the story her husband & her have been the ones that Jodee turned to when something was wrong or when she felt alone. She always helped her daughter through every school and bullying. Above all, she has educated Jode many things about being strong, independent and to not give up also to do good things for others regardless of what other people students school thought. “Now remember, angle, just be yourself. If anybody gives you a hard time,just ignore them and don't stoop to their level” (pg.102)

Dad(Tony Blanco)- Jodee’s dad was also a great supporter when she was going through hard times, but not as strong as jodees mom because he always had to travel every now and then for his work. despite, Jodee admired her father because he grew up poor, and he never gave up, worked very hard to become very successful. So Jodee believes she could also do anything without giving up if her father was able to get out of poverty. “I want you to call the pediatrician and ask him to recommend a good child psychiatrist. I don't care what it costs how far we travel. I want to know why our daughter is a misfit” (p.46)

Conflict / resolution

There seems to be three main types of conflicts that happen to the main character in Please Stop Laughing at Me. One of the conflicts is Character vs. character, Character vs. self, and Character vs. society. The conflicts each come up many times throughout the story. Character vs character, In the beginning of the book Jodee has many friends and enjoys her life. As school goes on Jodee becomes more mature than the other kids, and sticks up for what she thinks is the right thing to do. Every time they bully her or beat her up,she fills herself with hatred a little more. Eventually Jodee begins to hate herself for who she is , She has to overcome this conflict before she can finally forgive her bullies and be at peace. Her resolution to this conflict was to basically to change who she is and be more like her other classmates.

The second conflict Jodee has to overcome is character vs. character. Multiple times throughout the story, Jodee is abandoned and bullied by her so called "friends". The first time, Jo ellen best friend for five years ditches Jodee just because she volunteers with disabled kids. Later, some of her new friends turn on her because she sticks up for some of the disabled kids . This cause Jodee to be very exposed, but they also make her keep her guard up when it comes to making new friends and meeting new people. The third conflict Character vs. society, throughout Jodees middle and high school life, Jodee is pretty much a loner. When the other kids aren't bullying her or beating her up, they completely ignore her and act like she does not exist. Throughout the whole book, Jodee has to learn how to be independent and stick up for herself against her bullies.

'The bullies never remember,but the outcast never forget"(p.166)


Jodee seemed much happier with the little bit of friends she made that shared the same as her rather than all her so called “friends” that she has nothing in common with other than go to the same school. Also she was bullied throughout most of her life and it was hard for her to become friends with others and let her guard down again but look at what she’s become now This is why i believe the theme is stay true to who you are and when times seem tough they will get better.

Textual Evidence

The most powerful part of the book, something that jumped to me was when Jodee was invited to Callie's evening party and she ended up going. As everyone played games Jodee eventually joined a game at the party called ‘Strip Spin the Bottle”. They locked the doors so no one would walk in, once it got to Jodee's turn she had to take something off "Slowly i unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it beside me. Debbie and i looked each other. I could tell that she was just as nervous as i was." This shows how desperate they are to try and fit in with the “cool kids”

Book review

I strongly believe this book deserves a 5, all because its all honest the author explains everything she went through. Jodee didnt hold back anything nothing at all including some of her personal things which went along with everything and the events that happened in the story
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