A New Hero Arrives

The End of Grendel?

A Godsend?

A fateful encounter has occurred in the great hall of Herot. Beowulf, the son of a man who pledged fealty to the Great King Hrothgar, came to annihilate the beast who terrorized the hall. In hand-to-hand combat, the warrior ripped off the demon's arm and slew him.
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The Great Burial

After the slaughter of thirty men from the night before and the many more that came before them, their souls may finally rest at ease. A burial will take place atop the highest hill in the land. Let us stand together to honor their lives.
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How Long Will We Be Safe?

After the death of Grendel, the demon's mother is on a rampage for revenge. Will our hero be able to overcome the odds once again, or will he fail his quest, ending in the demise of all the land? Check in tomorrow for the latest updates.
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