Tech Ninja Blast

Week of January 11, 2016

This Week's "JOT": Organize your Google Drive!

Does the appearance of your Google Drive make you nervous? If so, here are 3 easy ways (compliments of the Google Gooru) to create a more organized, visually pleasing, and functional Google Drive.

  1. Use Folders! In your Drive, click the red "New" button and choose +Folder. Name your folders with a flexible naming system (the Gooru suggest using dates as names but there are other naming systems that might work better for you).
  2. Add Color! R-click on the folder and go down to "Change color". There are currently 24 colors to choose from and this immediately creates a nice looking organization.
  3. Add to My Drive! For files that have already been shared with you (and those you wish to organize in one of your existing or new folders), R-click and select "Add to My Drive". The file will be retrievable without launching a search term search party.

For a thorough description of these steps (complete with screenshots), you can visit the Google Googru's page

A Few Words of Caution: If you're using Google Classroom, stay clear of the 'Classroom' folder in your Drive. In other words, DO NOT change the name, move it, or delete it. The Classroom folder is dedicated for Google Classroom use only and is automatically managed and updated from actions in Google Classroom. You can, however, do one thing...and that's change its color. Awesome! =)


A New Addition to the Ninja Blast - A Q and A spotlight addressing a specific question raised by one of our colleagues during the prior week on a specific feature or functionality of Illuminate Education.

The Question: What kinds of data reports are available in Illuminate once I've given an assessment to my students?

The Answer: All kinds! Below are just a few examples of the types of prebuilt data reports that are automatically generated and viewable to you as soon as students complete an assessment.

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Jan 11: Digital Citizenship Pilot Lesson (MS), PL planning (DO)
  • Tues, Jan 12: Ed-Tech Training/Presentation w/ Bonnie McGrath (FG)
  • Wed, Jan 13: Ed-Tech Support (FG), LCAP/PD Plan Dev. (DO)
  • Thurs, Jan 14: Ed-Tech Support (RD, CHS, HS)
  • Fri, Jan 15: Ed-Tech Plan R&D (DO)- 1/2 Day