Update From THIS I.F.

Continue to Be AMAZING!


PLC Time the week of October 17-23 will be for you to work on Tier II paperwork. You can work as a team in the resource room or in another classroom. I will be available if you need to problem solve or discuss anyone or paperwork. All TIer II paperwork for at risk students should be completed by October 28th so it will be ready for conferences. If you are unsure of this process--ASK! All reds and yellows in Reading 3D and CBM should be Tiered--Level one and two's on EOG unless we specifically discuss a special case or combine students for grouping--this needs to be a discussion rather than just doing it...please.


8:45-9:30 Cooper Third Grade Informational Text

9:30-10:15 Geiger Third Grade Informational Text

10:20-11:40 4th Grade PLC

11:40-12:20 4th Grade Houston?? make up day?

1:45-2:30 Moore Third Grade Informational Text


October 18th Tuesday

9:30-10:15 Atwater Fifth Grade Poetry

10:20-11:40 3rd Grade PLC

2:!5-3:00 3rd Grade Moore Intervention

3:00-4:00 Kelly This Webinar for Learning Center

October 19th Wednesday

9:40-11:00 2nd Grade PLC

11:40-12:15 Houston Explorers

2:15-3:00 3rd Grade Geiger Interventions

Staff Meeting

October 20th Thursday

8:10-9:30 First Grade PLC

9:30-10:15 4th Grade Wike??

11:00-12:20 5th Grade PLC

2:!5-3:00 Third Grade Cooper Interventions

Chess Club until 4:15

Friday the 21st

Kelly This at Central Office

Curriculum "WOW's" in the Building

  • Just another THANK YOU to everyone for their work at Fall Festival. Please be sure to thank the parents who helped out as well. Put this in your newsletters or send a quick note to any parent that helped us out--we want to reinforce this behavior and encourage LOTS Of returning help! Thanks for doing this in advance!
  • LeAnne thanks for loving our newest TES friend, getting to know him and adjusting to meet him where he is at. Jennifer M. and M. Farmer (and others) thanks for your response, encouragement and most of all support when needed to support both teachers and children! Love, support and meeting every child where they are is the TES way! Thanks everyone!
  • Jeannie Grindstaff--thanks for attending some reading PD with me this week. I enjoyed getting to know you and talking about non-fiction guided reading groups. Picture walks can really help to build vocabulary and background for a text. Can't wait to see you in action
  • Michelle--POETRY AND Modeling Annotation with NewsELA--Oh MY! I am SO proud of you! Poetry is a wonderful way to make text complex for students without using long pieces of text. If you have not used poetry in your classes yet this year--that would be a great Friday adventure! Anyone who wants to know more about Newsela--see Michelle! She is really using it! Thanks for all you do!
  • Jessica Herman-you continue to problem solve and try new things with Tier II students-- you adjust instruction, schedules and routines to help make things work for ALL students in your room. You are a TES Treasure!
  • Mrs. Watts thank you for your dedication and trying hard to accommodate new students as needed.
  • 1st Grade--Keep Digging! Thanks for meeting with Lydia this week! Hope it was helpful.
  • SST Team and all teachers who brought and presented students,---Thanks for all you do and your knowledge of your students. Relationships are a key component to student success!


I know Engage NY takes a great deal of time BUT be mindful that we are not "eating away" at our ELA time---I am finding our 120 minute required reading block has dwindled to 90 minutes and even 60 minutes! YIKES! Please review your schedule and make sure you have 120 minutes of reading in your schedule AND that it happens. Do not just put it on there to make me happy--if you cannot find the time--see me and let me help you look at the schedule to find it--OR I will find someone else that can help BUT DO NOT JUST NOT GET IT IN!

This I.F. is panicking a bit! I have talked to several people this week and this seems to be a reoccurring problem--PLEASE think about it and let me help fix it if needed. DO NOT CHEAT ELA FOR MATH OR VICE VERSA--WE HAVE TO FIND A BALANCE. I understand when it is a day now and then but everyday--it can't happen,

Power in Why

Don't forget to try to follow up questioning with WHY multiple times (3 is the magic number) to ensure you are questioning deeply. When you try it--let me know how it changes discussion!

Thought...Planning Days

I felt this seemed to sum up our building at this point...

“...weariness seemed to settle on him like a coating of dust.”
― M. Snyder

Being weary is normal but whether we rise up to battle the storm or curl up in defeat determines our outcome. You will be planning as a grade level soon-use this time to get ahead--make lists of needs. We can utilize volunteers to make things if we know in advance--this day can be helpful for getting these types of things together and off your plate.

I know I have pushed hard and you know the next nine weeks I will be ratcheting it up--so, take a deep breath--remember I love you and believe in you--WE CAN DO THIS!