Teaching you all about Greek culture


Come on down to Kingville, to get a tour of the city and witness the influence that Greek culture has had on the society. On this tour, we will be stopping at three of the main buildings in Kingville. We hope that after you visit you'll have a new understanding of how important Greek culture is.

The Art Museum

The columns that support the building are Ionic, which were originally created by the Greeks. Ionic columns meant that on the top of the column would be a scroll design. The most basic design was the Doric, which was plain but got thinner towards the top. The fanciest of the designs were the Corinthian.


The government today is called a democracy meaning the citizens of the country get to elect their own ruler. In ancient Greece male citizens would write their vote down and turn it into a ballot-like box. Today, male and female citizens vote, and from there the electoral college representatives for the state take the states overall votes and vote for the state. Depending on the population and size of the state, decides how many electors will put a vote in for the state. Whichever candidate gets 270 electoral votes first, wins the election. This system of government has all been adapted from the Greek city-states.


The final stop on our tour will be to the theater where we will be watching the play Orestia, a Greek tragedy originally wirtten by Aeschylus, who wrote some of the first tragedies. Playwrights begun writing tragedies in ancient Greece, as well as comedies. This tragedy is about the harsh love between Agamemnon and his wife, who was easily persuaded into having a love affair with another, and their son who seeks revenge for his father.

So come on down to Kingsville for the tour all about the Greek conritbutions!

This city can, and will, teach anyone interested in Greek contributions all about them. This tour will only hit some of the few contributions of the Greece, but if you explore the city, you'll see so many more contributions.

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