Robert Stroud, Birdman of Alcatraz

A famous criminal

Robert Stroud was well known by many people as “Birdman” He was at the top of the list of one of the most famous inmates to ever be in Alcatraz. Well, Alcatraz is known to be one of the worst prisons in the world. It is located on the Alcatraz island about 1.5 miles offshore from San Francisco. It was put on an island so in case prisoners thought or tried to escape, it would be very difficult for them because The Pacific waters can get as low as -10 degrees. When you get put into Alcatraz jail you must get in there by breaking the rules in prison and Stroud, he was put into many prisons before becoming Alcatraz’s most famous criminals…

Birdmans Life in Alcatraz

Robert never did have a wife or kids. He liked to live on his own in his tiny little house in a small town in Washington, U.S. His brother had always gone to visit him every month but Robert refused to see him and we never figured out why exactly. Some people thought it was because Robert was embarrassed of doing all of the regretful crimes. One of his first crimes he committed was to brutally murder a bartender. Stroud admitted of doing it because the bartender allegedly failed to pay a prostitute whom Rob Was pimping. Another one was by stabbing a guard in Leavenworth, his story is that he was harassed by the guard. Stroud went to Three prisons (Mcneil Prison, Leavenworth, Alcatraz Jail) and went there when he was only 18 in January 28, 1890 died November 21, 1963 in Springfield Medical Center. He died quietly in his sleep spending the last 54 years in prison. Many people wondered why Robert was famous known for his name, and the reason is it started when he found an injured bird in the recreation yard of Leavenworth. Then Stroud was initially allowed to breed birds and maintain a lab inside two adjoining segregation cells, he confirmed to us that it was a productive use of his time. he ended up selling some Medicine to heal the birds and he made a good amount of money.

Birdmans Life in Alcatraz

Well, as you know Alcatraz is known to be one of the world's worst prison so eventually some- well actually MANY people tried to escape but most everyone was known to fail. But did the birdman ever try to escape? No. He actually never did he was just told by

Leavenworth guards that he was a very difficult prisoner and had done some cruel things.

Stroud got to stay 6 years in a “D” block segregation cell, and then 11 years in the prisons hospital for his time in the Alcatraz prison. So, when people get sent to Alcatraz, it's because they broke the rules in the prison they were in before Alcatraz. Roberts 17 years in Alcatraz was because he stabbed a fellow inmate, Robert said himself that the cause was he gave for the stabbing was that the other prisoner snitched on him for taking food to his cell.

Crimes in Leavenworth

  • Stabbed another prisoner in the cafeteria through the heart
  • Making home-made alcohol
  • Very difficult to manage-told by very many guards
  • Stabbed a guard to death
  • Assaulted his hospital orderly
  • Stabbed his jail-mate
Robert Stroud had a tough life, yet he still managed to spend his time on researching birds, and make the best on the situation he was in. Though he may be dead now, he still is known to be one of Alcatrazs most famous criminal..