The Son of Neptune

By:Hunter Erichsen

About the author, Rick Riordan

He was born June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He went to Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio. Later, he started college at North Texas State and later transferred to the University of Texas at Austin for a degree to teach English and history. He has several different series, including the well-known Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and Heroes of Olympus series. He also has a few adult novels published. He currently lives with his wife and 2 kids, a dog, and 3 cats in San Antonio.


Percy Jackson is a Greek demigod who lost his memory and incidentally stumbled into a Roman demigod camp (Camp Jupiter). His father in Greek is Poseidon, and his roman version is Neptune. Before stumbling into Camp Jupiter, he had been living in the wilderness with the Roman goddess Luna. He was lead to Camp Jupiter by Juno (Hera in Greek), which is apart of her plan. When he arrives at Camp Jupiter, he makes two new friends, Hazel and Frank, whom are both outsiders as well. Before he can even settle in he is selected, along with Frank and Hazel, to go on a quest to save Death from the giant, Alcyoneus, in Alaska. Gaea has a plan to destroy the world and the gods, and plans on doing it by creating 7 giants, all of whom are matched against one god. The giants can only be defeated by demigods and gods working together. However, they manage to defeat the giant and save Camp Jupiter. In the end, Percy regains his memory and Frank and Hazel become heroes.

Event #1- Percy Finds Camp Jupiter

For somewhat obvious reasons, this is an important event. This is the first stages of a big plan of Juno (Hera) as explained earlier. He was stumbling around, but seemed to be guided, almost like he knew where he was going, but didn't know what his location was and for what reason he had to go there. In the grand scheme of things, this was major because this lead to the eventual uniting of Roman and Greek demigods to fight Gaea together.

The picture below is a map of Camp Jupiter.

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Event #2-It is discovered that Nico is Hazel's brother

While this may not seem like a very big deal, it is pretty interesting that they are related. In the preceding series before this one, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you would know that Nico has often spoken of his past experiences and remembering a sister he had with him, however they had been separated for some reason. This is also very interesting to know because of the fact Hazel stumbled her way to Camp Jupiter and Nico was saved from a Manticore and taken to the Greek camp.

This is a fan art picture that shows both Nico and Hazel sitting together as brother and sister.

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Event #3- Hazel has first black-out

The reason her blackout is important because she has a huge remembrance of things. This blackout happens when she is united with her long lost brother, Nico. She all of a sudden rushes through tons of memories which in the end basically confirm the relation between the two.

This black picture represents the blackout Hazel experienced

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Event #4- Frank is claimed by Mars (Ares) and given a quest

Claiming of demigods by the gods is a rather big thing in the world of this book. It is always an important event, albeit being claimed by Ares isn't that huge. Interestingly enough, Percy and Ares don't really have what I call a friendly relationship. They have multiple scuffles throughout Percy's timeline. In book one of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, they in fact have a dual, whom nobody really wins. So, it is quite funny that one of Percy's friends is the son of a god whom he isn't necessarily on good terms with.

This is a drawing of the god Mars (Ares)

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Event #5- Nico looks for the Doors of Death in the underworld

This is a very important deal because this is apart of The Great Prophecy. The Great Prophecy goes like this:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or fire, the world must fall,

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

The Doors of Death in this situation, in a simplified manner, are the doors that keep the spirits of the dead from returning to the world. So, in other words, people who are killed or die, don't die. They die, and then more or less "wake up" a few seconds to minute later. So discovering and closing these Doors are important.

Below is a picture of the Doors of Death, the point where spirits are supposed to be locked in to the underworld.

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Event #6- Hazel summons block of schist

This is an important event in the book because Hazel finally discovers what she can do. Before she didn't really believe that she had anything cool she could, unlike every other camper there. Of corse summoning a block of schist does not seem very helpful in too many situations, but it was more or less a sign of who her parent was, and this parent was in fact Pluto (Hades).

Below is a huge rock of schist, which is what she summoned.

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Event #7- The party finds Phineas, a blind oracle

Finding Phineas plays a big role because of a couple reasons. First of all, he is an oracle, he can predict the future and therefore is a very intelligent man, however, as a consequence, he is blind. He has information the group needs but won't give them the information until they bring him a harpy that was quite a bother to him. They find the Harper but Percy decides to befriend her, whose name was Ella. Instead, when they return, he makes a deal with Phineas to tell him the information. He had two vials of Gorgon's Blood, one that would cause death and the other to heal of all sickness. Phineas would be cured of blindness and Percy would have is amnesia cleared up. In summary, Phineas ends up picking the wrong bottle and dies, thus giving Percy valuable information.

This is Phineas and the harpies tormenting him.

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I think this book was a great second installment to the series. I thought it was an interesting read. It certainly sounded exactly like the Rick Riordan novel i expect. It is humorous and fun to read and easy to follow. However, it does seem to follow a similar plot to the first book. Percy keeps his same wit and charm as the first series, while his supporting characters also do a great job. They have great character development, starting from being outsiders to becoming heroes. The romance aspect I feel is a little bit overdone, almost a little forced. Other than that aspect, I think this story was great. It isn't as good as the first if you ask me, but it is very good for a second installment. I give it 4.5/5 stars for its interesting story and characters, it's humor, and for the ease of following the story.