A Christmas Carol

Read A Christmas Carol

The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a delightful book. People should read the book because of the engaging characters and the cliffhangers that make you want to keep reading. The first reason of why you should read A Christmas Carol is that you can feel how the main character Scrooge feels. Scrooge is a grumpy person,and he feels like Christmas is humbug. But I was always wondering through out the whole book if Scrooge would change to be a happier person. Secondly I think that you should read the book because of the anticipation and all of the cliffhangers. Like when the character of Christmas future, showed Scrooge what he was missing when he decided not to go to party's. I was very exited to see if Scrooge would change his ways because he was sad about not being there and having fun. In addition you could read the book because of the characters. There are so many characters that make you happy like a character Tiny Tim he is sick but he kept on being happy and joyful no matter what came his way. A place were he was happy was when was singing and dancing at his home. He made people happy even though he's going through rough times. In conclusion you should read A Christmas Carol because of all the amazing characters that you fall in love, the exitement if Scrooge will change his ways to be more joyful and the cliffhangers.

Sacrifices made

A sacrifice that Scrooge had to make was when he had to give his money to people who need it for food and wormth. He really loves his money so that was a big sacrifice for him. A sacrife that I made was to skip my lacrosse game to pack food for children in Haiti.