Third Grade News

Mrs. Dixon's Class 9/29/16

Almost October?!

Happy Fall! Thank you for continuing to read this news flyer to stay up-to-date with what's going on in our classroom!

A few important notes...

-Please sign, cut, and return the bottom portion of BOG forms if you haven't yet!

-Here is a link to our Tuesday TelegRAM that has all sorts of information about what is going on at school. It is updated weekly.

-Please see the link emailed to you this afternoon about signing up for Fall Conferences. Please contact me if you have a difficult time with this and I'd be glad to put your name into the document for you.

-I am proud to announce our student leader who was elected by our class as Class Senator. Our Senator will be a representative on our Student Council, assisting our school officers in providing student input and leadership. Student Council will meet during the "Club" time on early release days and will have opportunities to serve our school during special events. Congratulations Kiersten Provine! Kiersten has definitely earned this as she exhibits leadership qualities daily.

Some Important October Dates:

October 7 - TC Roberson Tailgate PARTY! (at TC Roberson High School)

October 10- Teacher Workday - NO SCHOOL
October 12- Fall Picture Day

October 18- Iannucci’s Pizza Night
October 21 - Fall Glow Run

Thank you for all you do to help your child succeed!!

3rd Grade Grading Rubric




Exceeded grade-level expectations




Met grade-level expectations




Partially met grade-level expectations




Did not meet grade-level expectations



59 and below

Did not turn in an assignment

About Me

Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns! I am available by email anytime after school.

These are the learning targets we are working on right now. These will be updated as the year continues.


We are still working hard on multiplication AND division. The page of facts in green folders need to be studied nightly, as students will be quizzes on some each week (this week is a 0's and 1's quiz, 2's next week).

Next week we will begin to gather and analyze data and learn how to organize through graphing.


We will begin learning about Matter next week. We will talk about the 3 types (solids, liquids, and gases), their properties, and how they can change states.


Tomorrow (9/30) is our final day of reading assessments! We will begin guided reading groups based on reading levels on Monday.

We are going to be focusing on Close Reading and practicing going back to the text to find "right there" answers.