Early Learning Connection

By: Dr. Yvette Ledford

Teacher Spotlight: Meet Ana Goldstein

Ana Goldstein has taught in Bulloch County for nearly a decade. Currently, she is an ELL teacher who serves elementary students in Brooklet and Nevils. Like many teachers, Goldstein understands the importance of making meaningful connections in the classroom and extending the learning in real world experiences.

Goldstein's students recently participated in the 10th Annual International Festival sponsored by Georgia Southern University. Through research of the Mexican culture, her students were able to enrich the experience spectators had in the festival's Global Village. Goldstein's class earned Most Authentic Award and a learning experience of a lifetime.

Lexile Growth: Got ReadWorks?

ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and leveled non-fiction and literary passages online FOR FREE. The reading passages can be searched by MetaMetrics lexile levels, genres, and/or focus skills. ReadWorks even has paired passages for comparing and contrasting!

The ReadWorks curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the standards of all 50 states. As a member of ReadWorks, I can attest to the quality of its resources. You can sign up for your free membership at www.readworks.org.

ReadWorks Site Tour

If You Give Homework, Make It FUN!

December Writing: Beyond Dear Santa

December is here. The weather is changing, and our thoughts are being filled with gingerbread men and snowflakes. As we plan our writing activities for this month, let us remember to include variety, innovative ideas, and the curriculum. Below are two websites with daily writing prompts for December:



Winter Activities (STEM, Research, Art & P.E.)

Making the Most of Dramatic Play

Have you thought about adding a coffee or hot cocoa shop to your dramatic play area? I know there are some mini baristas in your classroom! Adding new items or changing the theme can spark imagination. For dramatic play ideas, see the link below.


Have You Used PebbleGo?

Most schools have access to PebbleGo. As you plan your lessons, remember that PebbleGo has e-books, videos, and activities available for the following topics:

Kindergarten - American Symbols, Maps & Globes, Matter, Motion

First Grade - Sound, Patriotism, Historical Figures (Benjamin Franklin, Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea, Harriet Tubman, etc.)

Second Grade - Matter, Forces, Energy, Motion, Historical Figures (James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, Sequoyah, etc.)

Scholastic Study Jams


Videos and quizzes are available for math and science topics including the following:

  • Energy, Light, & Sound
  • Force & Motion
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • much, much more!

Teacher for Life!

A couple of weeks ago, a second grade teacher (formerly a math teacher) asked for assistance with planning and teaching ELA lessons. This opportunity gave both of us a chance to learn from each other. Additionally, I was able to teach using our new resources.

As you plan and teach, please remember that you are not in this alone. You have your PLC team, and you also have me. Know that I am here as support to you and the students you teach.