African Water Pollution

Are we really aware of the crisis?

Africa needs help

Millions of people die every year from water pollution, mainly children because of the lack of clean water from water pollution.

How does this affect Africa's society?

women and children travel from three to five miles everyday to collect water depending on the closest water source. Because of this children are not able to attend school because they have to collect water every single day.

With less education comes no job and eventually thier is no way to provide food. This water is also very filthy and causes deseases and death.

What are the risks of collecting water?

People can get hurt or even attacked by other people or animals traveling to the nearest water source. They may be attacked to bring the advantage of not having to travel as far. This makes it extremly dangerous especially when traveling alone.


With clean water, children will have the ability to go to school and recieve an education.

When these children grow up, they can get jobs and provide money for their family. With this money, more things can be provided to families. Women will also get the chance to care for thier families. Africa can also save fourty billon work hours.

The Water Project

You make a change and save someone's life. By taking the water challenge, The Water Project can go to Africa and fix communitie's water crisis. Do your part and only drink water. Take the water challenge today.


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