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Hi Folks - I hope this newsletter finds you and your family healthy and in good spirits. I want you to know that I had hoped to have a letter in your mailboxes soon after school ended regarding band camp. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, a health and safety plan with protocols needed to be created, approved by the school board of directors, Lebanon County needed to be in the green phase, and final permission given by the superintendent. The good news is a plan has been approved for implementation and Lebanon county is scheduled to move to green this Friday. I have been in several meetings helping to create the health and safety plan as well as training on its implementation with the other sports coaches and the band staff.

This health and safety plan ONLY applies to drumline rehearsals for the next two weeks. I will be meeting with the superintendent and high school principal next Thursday to determine protocols for band camp, which is tentatively on schedule for July 20-24th, however, all parents should be familiar with the protocols listed below.

With the pending approval of the superintendent, I'm planning on the first drumline practice to happen next Thursday night, July 9th, from 6:30-8:30pm at the middle school with the following regulations in place:

1. All staff and students will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to practices. Temperatures of students should be determined BEFORE they come to practice.

2. Students are required to have a cloth face covering at all times, with the exception of when they are marching or playing wind instruments.

3. Social distancing must be applied where appropriate and when not rehearsing.

4. Students MUST bring their own water bottle/thermos.

5. There will be NO access to the building, except for the student drop off entrance (faculty parking lot) at the middle school where the drum equipment will be stored.

6. Only the bathrooms at the stadium will be open for use.

7. Each student should have their own hand sanitizer if possible.

8. Students will only handle the instrument, sticks, case, and music stand they are assigned.

9. Only student participants and paid staff are permitted to remain at the rehearsals.

10. Parents must remain in their vehicles when dropping off or picking up students before and after rehearsals.

11. All parents and students MUST print, sign, and submit the waiver (attached) at the beginning of the first rehearsal they attend before they may participate.

12. Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in the student being sent home from rehearsal.

If your child is not feeling well or exhibits any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, they SHOULD NOT come to rehearsal. Please notify me via email if your child will not be attending rehearsal for any reason.

I appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and flexibility during these uncertain times as we navigate through these uncharted waters.

Thank You!

Mr. Fair

As always, if you have any questions, please email Mr. Fair

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