Uthoff Valley Elementary

Week at a Glance

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12/23-1/3 – No School - Have a Happy Holiday

January 4-6

PLEDGE LEADERS FOR THE WEEK: students from Mrs. Backer and Mrs. Cobb's classes

VIKING VIRTUE FOCUS FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY: COOPERATION – Working together to accomplish a task.

Next Week's Important Events




  • NO SCHOOL for students - TEACHER WORK DAY


  • Staff Lounge Clean Up (1/3-1/13) – Art, Music, Library (Corie, Rhonda, Julie O.)
  • School Resumes for students

  • Weekly PLC Meetings (2nd-5th)

  • T. Clark leaves at 3pm – Everyone inside by 2:55
  • Please be sure to leave your computers on, but logged off this evening


  • Special Chorus – 8:00-8:40am, Music Room (room 2)

  • Staff Meeting - 7:45am, Library
  • Rock On Assembly, 2:45pm
  • Infinite Campus window closes @ 4pm – Notify Sheila when all grades are in

Upcoming Events

1/9– Variety Show Auditions @ UV, 4pm

1/10 - CCL Resumes

1/10 – PTO Meeting, 6pm – (Darlene & 4th gd. team)

1/13 – Early Dismissal

1/16 – No School

1/18 & 19 – Kindergarten Registration

1/20 - Presidents' Forum Meeting - 9:30-11:30am Library

1/25 - Variety Show Rehearsal @ RSHS

1/26 – SAC Meeting – 7:45am, Office Conference Room

1/27 - Variety Show @ RSHS

January & 1/2 Staff Birthdays


7 – Julie Owens

11 – Julie Russell

23 – Kelly Wiegand


6/24 – Paige Stillman

6/26 – Cindy Saffa

7/2 – Judy Sowers

7/9 – Nancy Hardman

7/13 – Phuong Bang

7/19 – Julia Bax

7/21 – Christina Layfield

7/23 – Susie Jara

7/26 – Jennifer Soetaert

7/28 – Shaina Martin

Odds and Ends

  • The grading window will open Monday, December 19th and close Friday, January 6th

  • Holiday Luncheon – Thursday, December 22nd @ 1:00 pm - ALL staff is invited provided by Danna.

  • The afternoon of December 22nd and all day January 3rd are teacher work days for planning and report cards (no meetings). The grading window closes on Friday, January 6th @ 4:00pm. Please let Sheila know when your report cards have been completed. If a student is receiving a D or an F it is important to include a comment. It is equally important to include at least one POSITIVE comment on every child's report card.

Early Dismissal- December 22nd

In an attempt to give everyone “some” plan time on December 22nd we will utilize the following schedule. Buddy classes will go to specials and lunch together. You will notice that specials are only fifty minutes (25 minutes each) in order to get everyone through before lunch and provide specials teachers plan times (11:50 – 12:40), as well. Please drop your students off at their first specials class at the designated time. Also – Please be on time to pick them up from their second specials class as the next group is scheduled to start right away. Classroom assistants will assist with specials classes as they will double in size. A Holiday Lunch will be provided in the Library for ALL STAFF beginning at 1:00 pm.

9:10 – 10:00 – 2nd and 5th grade Specials

PE – Bassett and Meuser

Art – Miller /Kleffner

Music – Patterson/Greathouse

Martin/Soetaert – Art/PE

Bell/Williams/Summers – PE (1st session)

Bell/Summers - Music (2nd session)

Williams/Summers – Art (2nd session)

Freeland/Rieman – Music/PE

***Monica please split your students for the second session***

10:00 – 10:50 - 1st and 3rd Grade Specials

PE – Bassett and Meuser

Art – Miller/Kleffner

Music – Patterson/Greathouse

Backer/Layfield – Art/PE

Hardman/Reynolds – Music/PE

Sepe/Ziegler – PE/Music

Schenck/Wiegand – PE/Art

10:50 – 11:40 – Kindergarten and 4th Grade Specials

PE – Greathouse

Art – Greenwald/Kleffner

Music - Patterson

Woods/Moore – Art/PE

Stillman/DeBruin – Music/PE

Gilbert/Chamberlin – PE/Music

Lunch Schedule

11:00 – 11:20 Fifth Grade and Second Grade (Bassett, Meuser, Miller, Araniecke, Owens)

**All 2nd grade classes go to

buddy classroom by 10:55.

11:30 – 11:50 Third Grade and First Grade (Bassett, Meuser, Miller, Araniecke, Owens)

**All 1st grade classes should go to

buddy classroom by 11:25.

12:00 – 12:20 Kindergarten and Fourth Grade (Bassett, Meuser, Miller, Patterson, Greenwald, Kleffner, Araniecke, Owens)

**All Kindergarten grade classes go to

buddy classroom by 11:55.

**Classroom Assistants will come to the Buddy Classroom to bring students to lunch. Please do not bring your students to the cafeteria.

**All classroom teachers are asked to be in the cafeteria to assist with the dismissal of your student tables at least five minutes prior to the end of the student lunch session.

My Mid-Year Letter to the UV Community

It seems like only yesterday that I welcomed you to a new school year. Although the past four months have literally flown by, I am grateful to be on this journey with each of you. As we approach the Winter Break, I would like to first take this opportunity to wish each of you and your families a most happy, healthy holiday season! I hope that you will have a chance to relax and enjoy some special times with your children and extended family. As always, I am so proud of how hard they have been working each and every day! As I reflect over the past few months we have much to celebrate!

We began the year by planning for our year-long 25th Birthday Celebration. The staff and students have really embraced the activities that occur on the 25th of each month. It was so cool to see everyone in yellow(Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet) in August, the students donating quarters for a commemorative tree in September, receiving the birthday hat pictures in October, and in November buddies working together to identify 25 things for which they are thankful. We look forward to celebrating on the 25th in the spring. Save the Date: Saturday, May 14th Uthoff Valley will be hosting a 25th Birthday party for both current and former families to attend.

Our before and after school running programs (Morning Milers, Girls on the Run, and Read, Right and Run) once again drew great participation. Many students earned medals at the District Cross Country Meet and four joined the Uthoff Valley Hall of Fame. On November 14th our Girls on the Run group culminated their season by participating in a 5K. These were huge accomplishments and very fulfilling for our students.

The Special Chorus has been working hard each Thursday morning to prepare for upcoming performances. They did an amazing job at our first Rock-On assembly of the year. On November 20th they once again had the awesome opportunity to sing during the lighting of the tree at Fenton City Hall. To keep with tradition, they participated in their annual holiday caroling tour. Thank you to the parents, Mrs. Fischer, and Mrs. Hof for making all of this possible.

With each new school year comes new initiatives. I personally feel like we have experienced a seamless transition to our new reading curriculum and standards based grading for English-Language Arts. Through the implementation of the Benchmark Literacy program and Words Their Way, our students are engaged in meaningful, differentiated instruction each and every day.

Finally, one of our school-wide goals focuses on helping students set goals based on how they are doing in school. In all K-5 classrooms, students are setting goals, reaching goals, and setting new goals on a daily basis. It is neat to see a kindergarten students realize they have achieved a reading or math goal and be celebrated by their classmates. The number of STRONG Goal weights surrounding the Viking in the rotunda is growing every day!

Thank you once again for all you do to help make UV such a great school! I look forward to celebrating many more accomplishments in 2016!

Happy Holidays,

Danna Thorne