Identity Theft

Hunter Barker

Types of identity Theft

  • Child ID theft - Children’s IDs are vulnerable because the theft may go undetected for many years.
  • Tax ID theft - A thief uses your social security number to falsely file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service or state government.
  • Medical ID theft - This form of ID theft happens when someone steals your personal information, such as your Medicare ID
  • Senior ID theft- seniors are vulnerable to ID theft because they are in more frequent contact with medical professionals who get their medical insurance information
  • Social ID theft- A thief uses your name, photos, and other personal information to create a phony account on a social media platform.

Greed Can Get You in Trouble

When you are greedy for money these thieves can target you because they can trick you into "deals"


This can really mess your credit score up and also they can make it believable because you have no clue they are trying to do that

How to Protect Yourself

Don't share information, shred documents before you throw them away, don't go to unknown websites and put your information and NEVER give you SS # to anyone except the bank.

Call This number

If you are a victim of identity theft