Mass Hysteria Of Hiv/Aids

By:Travon Whitt , Mr-Taylor, 4h Period - B-Day

What Is Aids ?

  • A Sexual Transmitted Disease.
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (Hiv) , acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (Aids)

When and Where It Took Place ?

  • West Africa And Then Traveled To Other Countries Such as the United States .

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What Event Spurred The Hysteria ?

  • Many People Died From The Disease.
  • Millions Of People Are Infected By The Virus And Don't Even Know They Have It.

How Were People Lives Impacted ?

  • People Were Afraid of the disease .
  • People With the disease were afraid to tell others because they scared of how people were going to react .
  • People who are sexual active Were Scared to Get Tested because they don't want to know if they have it.

Did it alter the course of history. ?

  • The disease killed more people than the World war 2 or any other war combined .
  • AIDS Became the most deadliest disease in history .
AIDS at 30: The U.S. Epidemic

Who Was Involved ?

  • Rev. Paris
  • John & Elizabeth Proctor
  • Judge Danforth
  • Mary Warren
  • Abigail
  • Rev. Hale

Where It Take Place ?

  • The Play Took Place In Province ,Massachusetts (Salem)

What Event spurred the hysteria ?

  • Girls Praticing Witchcraft
  • Salem Thinks The Devil Is In There Town .

How Were People Lives Impacted ?

  • Many Innocent People were killed because they were accused of witchcraft.
The Crucible

Did it Alter the course of history ?

  • The Crucible Didn't make history , but Salem Witchcraft is a part of history .


Hiv/Aids vs . The Crucibles

  • Many Innocent people were killed because they were accused of witchcraft.
  • Millions of people died from the Aids .
  • The Crucibles Took Place in Province , Massachusetts.
  • Hiv/ Aids Started in West Africa And Then Spreaded to other countries such as United States .
  • People With The Disease Were Seen as Diffrent People Everybody Wanted To Stay Away From .
  • People Accused of witchcraft were seen as demons .
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