FBPS Bilingual/ESL Students

First Marking Period Successes

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Mrs. Aque's Pre- K ESL students have been busy learning about classroom routines and meeting new friends. One of the many games they play in class is "I Have, Who Has." This game helps to develop new vocabulary for each new theme. Pictured is their family theme vocabulary. This game encourages our ELLs to use family theme vocabulary during make believe play which creates familiar experiences to expand their sentence structure and social skills with their peers.

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Mrs. Fattorusso's bilingual students are working on their reading and writing skills using Letterland activities. They are also writing in a daily journal!
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Mrs. Goodman's ESL students are learning different themes. Students work on beginning stages of writing by labeling.
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Mrs. Scaniello's students learned all about how their skeleten holds them up. Students used their listening skills to follow directions on how to build their skeletons.

First Grade

Mrs. Becerra's ESL students are using their listening skills to listen to the stories on the English Language Learner component of the Reading A-Z program.
Mrs. Palmieri's class is learning how to write complete sentences. Students hear the teacher dictate the sentence and then they write it in their notebooks. Students are also learning how to read a paragraph and highlight evidence in the text.

Second Grade

Mrs. Amador's bilingual class learned about habitats. They learned habitat themed vocabulary words. Students used their speaking skills to talk about their pictures.

Mrs. Hagan's class created heritage posters and celebrated their heritage. Students have been working on their sequencing skills by using flow maps to sequence the stages of the life cycle of a tree.

Third Grade

Mrs. Dumbra's ESL class celebrated the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, Students created self-portraits inspired by Frida Kalho. Students were encouraged to use symbols of their mixed heritage. The central figure is a Candytopia Philadelphia version of Kahlo's self portrait. Thanks to Mrs. Jaime Herr for sharing the photo.

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The third grade bilingual and ESL class decorated feathers and contributed to the grade level "Flying High" bulletin board, complete with clouds! Mrs. Fiori is an artist in her own right! Mr. Mulhern posed with the third grade wings.

Sotillo visited Mrs. Fiori’s class to share their experiences as young students in the United States. They also shared insights in their fascinating careers.

Title III Morning Program

Our students are ready to learn first thing in the morning!

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