Principal Parker Weekly

August 12, 2021

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Great first week!


First -- it is great to have our students back in the building!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating that -- we will start at the regular time and begin the day with a HUGE event for all grades on the field. We are looking forward to having students be excited for #TheTRWayForward with Positive Behavior Interventions and Support.

Have your student wear green, bring closed-toe shoes (for the field and dew), and have a blanket or towel to sit on. It is going to be a great day! Details below.

After last Friday's schedule verification day, and the week of carpool lines, many noticed the challenge of traffic around Taylor Road and Chattahoochee HS. We have hints below to help all of us get around quicker and easier. Keep scrolling down :-)

We also have information from the PTA and other opportunities to support our work at Taylor Road. Thanks for taking a look - and especially for joining the PTA.

Note we will be assessing kids in the iReady platform next week - those details are below.

Finally, each week I like to add some learning for all of us to consider.

This week's learning: Collective Effervescence

“Most people view emotions as existing primarily or even exclusively in their heads,” says University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School psychologist Adam Grant in this New York Times article. “But the reality is that emotions are inherently social; they’re woven through our interactions… We find our greatest bliss in moments of collective effervescence.”

That term was coined by the French sociologist Emile Durkheim in 1912 to describe the feeling of energy and harmony when people are engaged in a shared purpose.

Some examples:

- Sliding into rhythm with strangers on a dance floor;

- At a concert, singing along with a song that everybody knows;

- Engaging in a lively brainstorming session with colleagues and solving a problem;

- Singing in a chorus;

- Stretching in a group yoga class;

- Executing a successful play with soccer teammates;

- Enjoying a religious service with family members;

- Laughing with friends at a comedy show.

Researchers have found that in normal times, people experience this collective joie de vivre quite frequently – once a week, even daily.

But during the pandemic, there was a marked decline of collective effervescence. Negative emotions like fear and loneliness spread from person to person like the disease, amplified by social media, e-mail, and texts. “The number of adults with symptoms of depression or anxiety spiked from one in 10 Americans to about four in 10,” says Grant. He believes that Zoom fatigue is partly the result of “hours of communicating with people who are also sad, stressed, lonely, or tired.” When the pandemic began, there was speculation that introverts would thrive in an environment that limited social contact. But introverts have suffered as much as extroverts during this period of isolation; they, too, missed the joy of sharing positive in-person experiences with others.

As the pandemic wanes and we return to something approaching normalcy, people want to be joyful again, says Grant. He believes this is the perfect time to realize that we are hardwired to experience the greatest happiness with others. “We should think of flourishing less as personal euphoria and more as collective effervescence,” he says. “The Declaration of Independence promised Americans unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If we want that pursuit to bring us bliss, we may need to create a Declaration of Interdependence… Joy shared is joy sustained.”

The Joy We’ve Been Missing” by Adam Grant in The New York Times, July 11, 2021. Grant can be reached at

Share some joy today -- Thank you for sharing your family with us.

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I love my job!

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More Details About the PBIS Kick-off Event

Weather permitting, we will have a kickoff pep rally on Friday morning!

Students can bring towels and blankets so they can sit on the grass, and don't forget to wear green!

The grade level that wears the most green gets to pie their assistant principal!

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Attendance Information - see letter below

Core values of TRMS: Engagement, Rigor, and Relationships

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iReady Diagnostic Testing Information

Dear Taylor Road Parents,

The iReady Fall Diagnostic will begin the week of August 16th. The iReady Math assessment will be administered on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 17th and 18th, and the iReady Reading assessment will be administered on Tuesday and August 24th and 25th. Make-up testing will be held each Friday during those testing weeks.

Students will complete the diagnostic with their homeroom teacher during first two periods of the day. A modified schedule will be followed on these days to minimize loss of instructional time. Please encourage your students to do their very best on the iReady assessment. Parents, the Taylor Road teachers and administration truly appreciate all your help in ensuring that your student has a smooth and successful experience during the administration of the iReady assessment.

Schedule for Tuesday, August 17th & August 24th

Schedule for Wednesday, August 18th & August 25th

Limited Time - Special Yearbook Price of $45!

Please click on the image below to order your yearbook at the lowest price of the year -- $45. This offer expires August 27th.

Join the PTA Now!

Hello Parents and Staff,

PTA Membership is now open! Go to the Store and Forms tab in Membership Toolkit, and then to the Membership Store!

Why join PTA? We'll tell you . . .

🎉 PTA Membership and dues support your child/students by funding essential educational and curriculum needs, advocating on behalf of children and educators at the local, state, and national levels, and building an inclusive school community for all families. We invite you to join the TRMS PTA for your child because increasing our membership—even by one—makes it possible to provide important educational resources, speak up on important issues, and create a stronger school community . . . and a rather FUN school community too! Take a look at a few of the PTA highlights from just last year! 🎉

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Parents, we ask that you join at least at the Silver Level if you are able to because that amount is how much our activities, events, and sponsorship costs per student per year.

update your profile today! Go to How To Create My Account

💡 Also, we know that the organizations that are able to flex and pivot are those that remain valuable to their members. Especially now, we'd love YOUR ideas for how to best enrich this school year for all of our stakeholders. If an older or younger child's PTA or a neighbor's or colleague's school PTA is doing something really neat and new, please share this with us. We always want YOU to have a role in shaping your PTA! Please email our President, Ed Keichour, with any ideas or questions ( 💡

Please log into Membership Toolkit, go to the Membership Store, and join us as Members and partners for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Thank you for your support,

Your TRMS PTA 🐯💚

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Supporting our work --

Academic Excellence Donation 21-22

These generous voluntary donations will be used exclusively to purchase academic programs or supplies to support student learning or to purchase learning opportunities for our Teachers to enhance their ability to educate our students. Please enter any amount that you are comfortable donating. Thank you for supporting Taylor Road Middle School.

TRMS Staff Recognition Donation 21-22

Donation to be used by TRMS specifically for Staff recognition and awards. Any amount you wish to donate will be appreciated. Thank you for your support of our Taylor Road Middle School teachers.

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Taylor Road is on Facebook!

You can keep up with the latest news and happenings at Taylor Road MS on Facebook. Please follow us!

Important Dates

August 6: Schedule Verification Day, 9:00 - 12:00

August 9: First Day of School for Students

August 13: Spirit Day - Wear GREEN!

August 13: PBIS School-wide Activity, 8:50 a.m. -- Special Event Bell Schedule

August 17 & 18: iReady Math Diagnostic Testing

August 24 & 25: iReady Reading Diagnostic Testing

August 24: 6th Grade Curriculum Night

August 26: 7th & 8th Grade Curriculum Night

September 6: Labor Day Holiday - Schools Closed

The buck stops here

See our duties divided among the administrators responsible (click photo below). We continually modify and update this chart. It is also available on the TRMS website.

We are here to help - always!

If you feel any concerns - or know someone who does - please know Taylor Road is filled with people who care. I encourage you to reach out via this website link to report concerns to me personally at any time. I immediately receive email notification of all submitted concerns, and I promise to respond quickly. The report remains anonymous, unless you choose to share your identity and allow me to respond.

Fulton Schools also has a Quick Tip app to report issues to district leaders and school police. Please continue to reach out. It is never a bother or a hardship to show we care.

Finally, there are any number of resources for stakeholders. Please follow this link for more information. Do not hesitate; ask for help.


As we define our way forward, the administrative team welcomes input. Remember, I continue to use #TheTRWayForward to tag Twitter posts that represent my vision for Taylor Road.

Follow me personally @TaylorRoadWay on Twitter. I am excited about #TheTRWayForward

Thanks for supporting TRMS!

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