Play Specialist

Angelica Barrera P1.

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  • Maintain developmental goals & avoid regression
  • Help children deal with their fears and anxiety
  • Provide service in order to help children who are going through a painful procedure
  • Contribute to clinical judgments
  • Help children regain strength

Working Locations

Within the hospital

  • Isolation Cubical
  • Play Room
  • Any other place in the hospital where a child is receiving treatment

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Average Hours/Working Schedule

- They vary

Part Time

Full Time

At times one may have to work public holidays &/or weekends.

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Salary/Wage potential

- Varies depending on which position one is in within this career.

Play Assistants and newly qualified play specialists- Band 4

Qualified and experienced play specialists- Band 5

Team Leaders/professional leads - Band 6

Play service managers/clinical specialists in play - Band 7