Come Celebrate!

Frank Panetta is hitting 60 years young

Shhh Don't Tell! - It's Frank's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Dina and I are having a surprise birthday dinner for my father, Frank Panetta. He's turning 60 so that means he'll finally be acting 30. We would love you and your family to joy us in celebration of his 60th on August 29th, at 7:30pm at San Marzano in R.D.P..

P.S. DINNER IS FREE! It's with great pleasure that Dina and I are treating! :)

Please come Hungry, Thirsty and Happy!

Wednesday, Aug 29th, 7:30pm

11935 Avenue Alexis Carrel Montreal, QC H1E

Ristorante San Marzano
(514) 750-7886

So are you in? Please let us know by August 20th - Thanks!

Steve - 514.824.2595 or

Dina - 514.898.1976 or