District in Pictures November 2022

Mark Your Calendars

11/2 Wednesday Early Release

11/7 5:30 pm - BJH One Act Performace - Public Welcome

11/7-17 - Food Drive on all BISD Campuses for Bowie Mission

11/8 Progress Reports

11/8-18 Reading and Math Interim Testing - Grades 3-8 and EOC Eng I & II, Alg I

11/9 Wednesday Early Release

11/11 9-11 am Parents of EB Students join us for a Watch Party learning about supports for emergent bilingual students @ Central Admin Office

11/11 BHS - Veteran's Day Program - Public Welcome

11/11 Veteran's Day - Wear Red/White/Blue -Students and Staff

11/15 BHS Campus Only - Early Release @1:00pm (Facility being used for BJH All-Region Band)

11/15 5:30 pm Bowie Intermediate STEAM Family Night

11/16 Wednesday Early Release

11/18 BHS Red River Promise Rally

11/21-25 Thanksgiving Break - Schools Closed

11/30 Wednesday Early Release

12/1 - 6:00 pm District GT Information Meeting @ BIS

12/6 Progress Reports

**See the Parent and Family Engagement Smore for how to get involved in your child's education, parent-teacher conferences, High School checklist for freshmen and sophomores, and solutions to morning madness.

*For specific dates on each campus, please follow the campus Facebook pages and keep your email and phone number updated with the school.


Mentally strong kids are prepared for the challenges of the world. They’re able to tackle problems, bounce back from failure, and cope with hardships. Mental strength isn’t about acting tough or suppressing emotions. It’s also not about being unkind or acting defiant.

Instead, mentally strong kids are resilient and they have the courage and confidence to reach their full potential. Helping kids develop mental strength requires a three-pronged approach:

  • Teaching them to replace negative thoughts with more realistic thoughts
  • Helping them learn to control their emotions so their emotions don’t control them
  • Showing them how to take positive action

TEACH SPECIFIC SKILLS. Discipline should be about teaching your kids to do better next time, not making them suffer for their mistakes.

LET YOUR CHILD MAKE MISTAKES. Teach your child that mistakes are part of the learning process so he doesn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for getting something wrong.

ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO FACE FEARS HEAD-ON. If your child avoids anything scary, she’ll never gain the confidence she needs to handle feeling uncomfortable. Cheer her on, praise her efforts, and reward her for being brave and she’ll learn that she’s a capable kid who can handle stepping outside her comfort zone.

Parts taken from an article in: https://www.verywellfamily.com/tips-for-raising-mentally-strong-kids-1095020

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