The Road To Success In Learning

Education Makes It Possible to Defeat All Barriers

A Rational Evidenced Based Perspective

From a rational evidenced based perspective, the whole notion that a curriculum has the capacity to enable all young people to become successful learners is clearly incorrect, yet it has been emblazoned on posters on the walls of practically every classroom and staff room of entire nations. A curriculum may enable some people to learn some things, but it will never have a capacity for all young people to become successful learners because all young healthy people are already highly successful learners before they go anywhere near a school. And, of course, not all young people attend school.

The Hardest Job You'll Ever Love!

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One Student At A Time

It is well understood that learning starts in the womb, and the fastest rate of learning, indicative of highly successful learning, happens under the age of three. The fact of the matter is that, just as children are well able to breathe successfully by the time they enter schooling, they are also well able to learn successfully without the need for any “enabling” curricular intervention.
Inside The Classroom - Cramer School 1st Grade

Is It All About the Grades?

”In nine schools out of ten, on nine days out of ten, in nine lessons out of ten, the teacher is engaged in laying thin films of information on the surface of the child’s mind and then after a brief interval he is skimming these off in order to satisfy himself that they have been duly laid.”

LML Seminar

Thursday, Oct. 31st, 9pm

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