Planning for Your Upcoming Week

October 15th-October 19th

Big picture

Mission and Vision

IDVA Mission: Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision: Empowering every student to learn at high levels.

At IDVA we accept responsibility to ensure that every student succeeds.

Big picture

Team Norms and Collective Commitments

Special Education Team Norms and Collective Commitments

Team Norms

We will honor meeting start and end times.

We will be committed to the Special Education Team and the work.

We will actively participate and be present.

We will be honest and share items, thoughts, and feelings with respect to others.

We will commit to a decision with a positive attitude.

We will encourage one another and be willing to share and help others.

We will clearly communicate needs and expectations.

Collective Commitments

We will be open-minded, respectful, and willing to share ideas.

We will ALL be active participants.

We will follow through on what we have agreed to do.

We will come to meetings prepared.

We will stay positive and do what is best for kids.


MINT to Cris from a very thankful parent:

In particular, I want to let you know that the processes for IEP and 504 plans for our kids has been what I truly believe it should be for every child in every school. I have truly felt supported to help my particular children to be successful in their education, in comparison to feeling like we were working with people who didn't see our whole family as a unit and who didn't even want to listen to our expertise/perspective regarding our children. I want to say thank you to everyone for restoring my faith in public education, specifically special education within public schools!

While everyone has truly been great I do want to give special recognition to Cris Bauer and Ashley McCurdy. I have had the most in-person and virtual contact with them and I have ALWAYS felt their priority was to learn about us as a family, and each child specifically, in order to support us to be successful within IDVA. I'm so very grateful!

MINT to Kat, Kayla, and Lori from Amanda-Thank you for your teamwork in putting in place a participation challenge for your students!

Team Members Out of the Office This Week

  • Kaela out on Monday.
  • Amanda out T-F-Herndon.


  • Complete the Developing a High-Quality IEP Module Series on the ITC.
  • MS teachers-please call your new families ASAP.
  • Amanda is still completing formal observations :).


The training is intended for teachers of students in kindergarten through high school. The training topics reflect those rated as most important on the survey and include: high expectations for all students, academic instruction starting in kindergarten and in all grades, critical communication skills, and balancing functional and academic skills instruction. Teachers should register for a session at any of the training locations on the Idaho Training Clearinghouse Registration page by Friday, October 12th to ensure that there are enough participants to deliver the training face-to-face.

Teaching Resources

There is an audio reader tool that works for K12 Textbooks.

I have attached a recording that is about 5 minutes long that shows how students can use a reader called “Central Access Reader” to read the text. The Central Access Reader is free and can be found at There is about a 10-second delay before the video begins.