May 2020

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Results of a national poll by NEA show parents and guardians express extremely positive views of educators.

More than 80 percent of parents/guardians view public school teachers very favorably. Eighty-eight percent of parents approve of how their children’s teachers are handling the coronavirus pandemic. This is significantly higher than their approval of how many others’ have responded, including their governor (71%), and their mayor or local government (73%). The national survey was conducted by GBAO Strategies and included a survey of 800 parents and guardians of school-aged children who attend a public school.

The poll also showed that parents and guardians believe educators are working hard to communicate with them, that educators are finding ways to connect with students who don’t have internet access and they are giving their students more one-on-one assistance.


SAFETY TIP: A proper school security plan requires coordination and communication between law enforcement agencies and schools. During an emergency, how will schools contact first responders? A plan that includes layers of communication (alert system, radio bridge, video sharing) is often the best one. Contact Mutualink to learn more - 866-957-5465.

Dear Friends,

Another school year is coming to a close. Needless to say, it has been one of craziness, heartbreak, and challenges. There have also been many victories along the way! I have always said that teachers are very resilient and can rise up to meet any challenge.

There have been many stories of Texas public school districts doing what is necessary to meet the needs of those in their communities: from Pre-K students to graduating seniors as well as teachers impacting their students while juggling their own personal households and different family situations.

I hope everyone involved in feeding and educating our children during these past few months knows how much their sacrifices and hard work are appreciated.

Have a great summer and we will see you again in August!


Blake Cooper

Executive Director

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Corporate Partner Spotlight

The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Proud Partners with the Friends of Texas Public Schools

Since 1925, the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) has focused on leadership development of high school and middle-level principals and assistant principals. What began as a small group of men gathering in a board room has grown to an association of over 6,000 members who are active in the mission of TASSP. The TASSP motto, “Above All, Students First,” is the central influencer in all decisions made by the association. Principals and teachers assess and adapt campus-level instruction and programming based on the needs of students, individually and collectively. They organize to make schools a “safe place” for all children and adults. They support programs that allow students the opportunity to have a voice in school operations and to lead outreach projects in the school and community. TASSP sponsors two student associations, The Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) and the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) who have rising numbers of participants each year.

The strongest membership service is a high-quality professional development program. By offering relevant and rigorous professional development, TASSP promotes the principal as the learning leader, one that remains on the cutting edge of results-tested training, innovative instructional strategies, appropriate services for special populations, and relationship-building development for schools and communities. TASSP believes that the principal must be the lead learner, the safety specialist, the motivational mentor, and the super-captain of the school spirit. Not alone, the principal expects and is open to shared leadership with teachers, counselors, and support staff. Principals believe that together WE are stronger and can make a powerful, positive difference in the lives of children.

TASSP is proud to be a partner with Friends of Texas Public Schools and appreciates the support given to principals who lead the secondary schools in this great State of Texas.

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