Wolverine News

WRV Return to School Newsletter--Issue 5


White River Valley School District is ready to start the school year IN-PERSON on Tuesday, August 11th. Teachers and School Staff have plans in place and are ready to greet students in a clean and healthy environment. All principals will be sending out newsletter information regarding specific plans for students, and Dr. Hacker will be making a School Reach call this weekend with current information to make for a smooth and healthy start to the 2020-21 school year for students and parents.

Our WRV Continuous Learning Plan for the Indiana Department of Education can be located on our district website at www.wrv.k12.in.us. If you have any school specific questions or questions regarding bus routes, please contact the principals at the individual schools:

Mrs. Jill Staggs jstaggs@wrv.k12.in.us

Mr. Jason Walton jwalton@wrv.k12.in.us

Mr. Doug Lewis dlewis@wrv.k12.in.us

Parents are reminded to self-check student health BEFORE sending students to school each day. We appreciate the partnership between school and home. It is more important now more than ever to keep students home if they exhibit any symptoms of the virus. Each school newsletter contains a helpful chart to help give parents guidelines to keep all students and staff this year. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US KEEP EVERYONE SAFE!!

Our Virtual Education platforms are also prepared and ready to go. Mrs. Rhoda Davis (rdavis@wrv.k12.in.us) will coordinate the program at the elementary school; Ms. Megan Padgett (mpadgett@wrv.k12.in.us) will guide the middle school virtual program; and Mrs. Claire Records (crecords@wrv.k12.in.us) will supervise the high school program and the Wolverine Academy.

A couple of reminders:

1. PPE/Masks: Masks are required on all WRV transportation. Bus drivers should be calling this weekend to finalize pick-up routes. Bus drivers will have disposable.

2. High School students and middle schools students who board the bus from the elementary school will NOT be allowed inside the elementary. Those students will board the shuttle bus out at the covered picnic shelter area.

3. PPE/Masks are required in places where social distancing cannot be achieved. Building principals will be holding meetings on August 11th to help guide students in this area. All students will receive a cloth mask from the Indiana Department of Education on the first day.

4. The water fountains have been turned-off and covered. Each school has two water refill stations, and each student will receive a clear bottle on the first day.

5. All WRV students--PK-Grade 12 will receive FREE LUNCH and BREAKFAST during the 2020-21 school year, including our Virtual Wolverines. Please look for information from Mrs. Wiggington, our Food Services Director, in school newsletters.

6. There is now an appeal process for virtual students who would like to participate in sports, clubs, or school activities. The appeal application is available at all school offices.


The WRV School Board of Education has adjusted the 2020-21 school calendar to try and get as many in-person school days in for students as quickly as possible. The belief that the best way to educate students is in-class with a highly effective teacher drove the decision-making process upon recommendation from the Indiana Department of Education. With the uncertainty of these times, the Board thought it vital that students get the maximum opportunities for learning early in the school year. The second semester calendar will be examined in the November School Board Meeting.

School for WRV students will now be IN-SESSION on Friday, September 4th; Wednesday, October 14th; Thursday, October 15th; and Wednesday, November 25th. Friday, October 16th will remain as the lone day of Fall Break.


Students in all grade levels will begin receiving the iPads, Keyboards, and Chargers for the 2020-21 school year next week as school opens. Parents are reminded that all student technological equipment is bar-coded and students do sign for each item that they are issued. The bar codes are then matched at the end of the year when equipment is returned.

Internet and Technology Usage forms will need to be signed by both the student and the parents. Those forms will be given to students next week and also be made available to parents in the high school and middle school parent newsletters.

Acknowledgement Forms Required

All WRV students must have signed Parent Acknowledgement Forms on file in the school office for the 2020-21 school year. Those forms are available in the school office and will also be sent electronically with school newsletters. The form simply states that the WRV School Board adopted are Return-to-School Continuous Learning Plan, a plan that was developed by a 15 person team of teachers, administrators, bus drivers, food service employees, school nurse, and custodians. The plan was submitted to the Greene County Health Department for review. In these unprecedented times, the form is required of all parents. Thank you for your help in working to keep all students and staff healthy in the 2020-21 school year!!