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As many of you know, my name is Nick Brummet and I will be serving as the counselor at CCCMS this year. Many of you know me as "Mr. Brummet," the teacher from Garfield. I am excited to be moving to CCCMS and working with the students I had the pleasure of teaching in fourth grade. I look forward to working with you and your children this coming year. If you have questions or need anything, please feel free to stop in at CCCMS, email me at, or give me a call at 785-632-3232.

What Does A School Counselor Do?

As a counselor, there are many services I can provide for your child. Below I will explain some of the ways I will/can provide assistance.

Counseling Curriculum

7 Habits Hashtags- Students will continue to learn about Stephen Covey's 7 Habits in their PAWS classes. Each week we will focus on a habit and will reinforce the language by connecting it with a "Hashtag"

I will meet with students from each grade level at least once a month. During this time, each grade level will focus on a specific American School Counseling Association domain.

6th Grade: Academic Domain- The sixth graders will discuss topics including time management, organization, learning styles, digital citizenship, academic goal setting, and communication skills.

7th Grade: Personal/Social Domain- The seventh graders will discuss topics including anti-bullying, self-advocacy, self-concepts, digital citizenship, emotional regulation, appropriate coping skills, empathy, kindness, and positive relationships/friendships.

8th Grade: Career Domain- The eighth graders will discuss topics including career clusters, conflict management, collaboration, digital citizenship, employability skills, lifestyle, school, and career connections, and high school/career goal-setting.

Small Group Counseling

I will offer a variety of small group counseling opportunities for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The small groups will consist of a combination of all grade levels. If your child has expressed interest or if I feel he/she would benefit, you will hear from me! Some of the small group topics include anger management, leadership, connecting with the school and community environment, reaching for one's highest potential, time-management and organization, changing families (divorce, separation, any change to family dynamics), and stress management.

Individual Counseling Services

I provide counseling services for individual students who are struggling personally, socially, or emotionally. If your child states that he/she has seen me, don't panic. I'm here to help. If I see your child regularly, you will hear from me, but please understand that confidentiality is important to me and my relationships with students.

Individual Student Planning

I can provide services to students who are struggling academically. Together, we can sit down and look at academic, behavior, and attendance data to help create attainable goals.