Beer Careful

Someone might ask you to smoke with them, or drink a cup of wine. Maybe tell you that drugs help depression problems. They don't.

Drugs actually cause more depression. You'll become addicted, and start to have more and more. You'll soon come to a point where you have no control over your addiction to this harmful drug.

What if someone asks you to take a drug?

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The most common are


Some people choose to drink because they have something to deal with. according to - Many people drink too much in order to escape from their lives, forget their troubles, or "drown their sorrows." Well, there are other things that might do that. Like doing something you love. Drinking is not the solution to everything.


I would recommend to avoid drinking or taking any kind of drug. If you don't want to drink, what should you do if someone asks you to? Well, first of all, you should tell them the consequences of drinking. And then tell them you don't want to receive any of those consequences, which I believe every non-drinker wants. They also might try to nag for you to try, but don't give in. You might become addicted someday. Say you already told them the reason why, and that nothing will change it
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Cigarettes said to be healthy for you in the past, but that is not true. According to - Research shows that cigarette smoking is the #1 cause of lung cancer.

Cigarettes aren't the right way to go either, they damage your lungs. But what do you do if someone asks you to try?

Cigarettes addictions are usually started with peer pressure. Someone might make you feel if you don't smoke you won't fit in. You have your own opinions, if they chose to do something, you don't have to follow them. YOU need to stand on your own grounds. Understand that if they don't accept who you are, and your decisions, they are not your friends. Just ditch em in the dust. Believe that there are other kids that don't smoke and are like you and will support you. Find new ones, it won't be hard! :)


Marijuana is sort of the same as drinking. You usually find marijuana in a drink. So that states that marijuana is like beer, or whine. Marijuana can be found in products regularly. For things like this, use the techniques from drinking. Marijuana is the same thing. Marijuana is also for smoking, Depending on the situation, use techniques from the ones above!


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