Values, Standards, and Principles

By: Rutuja Joshi, P2

Mission Statement

I will try to prevent myself from being stressed.

I will enjoy my personal life by spending time with my friends.

I will find oppurtinites to use my natural talents including dancing, humor, sarcasm, and learning things quickly.

I will apply to Columbia University and move to New York City.

I will one day have a happy family, be successful, have a good group of friends, graduate from an Ivy League with a Master's degree, be happy and feel acclomplished.

I will have my friends and fmaily remember me as humorous and someone with a great personality.

I will make my future contribution my abillity to make people happy.

I will stop procrastinating and start working on being more intelligent, being more social, and being happier.

I will strive to incorporate humour, acceptance, compassion, and perserverance into my life.

I will try to renew myself by focusing on being more faithful to God, being healthier, studying more, and being more care-free/happy.

Core Values

Values- one's judgement of what is truly important in their life

My core values are the following:

  1. Family- To spend quality time with my family
  2. Friends- To build, strengthen and preserve personal friendships
  3. Financial Resources- secure the resources to support my short and long-term financial goals


Principle- knowing what's right and wrong and acting on it

  • Only do what you want to do, not what your friends want you to do.
  • Do not forget failure. Take advantage of good oppurtunities.
  • Things are the way they are. Do not dwell in the bad experiences of life. Accept them, and move on with your head held high.
  • Step outside of yourself and take note of the things you are doing. Make sure the acts are good, and not bad or harmful
  • Take care of yourself first. Be positive and happy with the person you are.

Standard- morally correct and acceptable behavior

  • Be the person you want to be. Volunteer, study, have fun.
  • Have integrity and do not cheat your way through things.