Travel To The Future!

By:Anna and Brynn

Roads, angles and transformations

Welcome to the Future! This is going to tell you all about our Geo-City! Our street names are, Electronic Avenue, Computer Crossing, Future Drive, Robot Road, and Time Travel Highway. Our right angle is located between Time Travel Highway and Robot Road. Our acute angle is located between Electronic avenue and Robot Road. Our obtuse angle is located between Future Drive and Time Travel Highway. Our parallel lines are Time Travel Highway and Robot Road and Computer Crossing. Our intersection lines are Future Drive and Computer Crossing and Future Drive and Electronic Avenue. Also our perpendicular lines are Computer Crossing and Time Travel Highway, and Robot road and Time Travel Highway. Our rotation is located on the Galactic Groceries building, the two shining hearts. The reflection is located on Time Travel highway, the two lines with swirls on them. Also, the translation is the two cones on top of the Intergalactic Ice Cream Shop.

Buildings , area and perimeter

The area for the pool is exactly 24 cm. The perimeter of the new car is exactly 30 cm. The Galactic Grocery Store is a rectangular prism and it has a jalapeño pepper kiddie ride that is out of order that's in front of the Grocery store. The ice cream cone is an example of a cone with a ice cream scoop that is an example of a sphere. Our Flying Car Dealership is a rectangular prism. The " Welcome to the Future sign is an example of a square and the silver road lines are an example of a rectangle. There are lots