~What Is Composting~

Today we talk about composting.

How To Make A Compost Bin.

The first step in making a compost bin is to have your materials, you need multiple browns ( Leaves, Egg shells, Dead plants, wood chips, and hay.) and greens, (fruit peelings, vegetable peelings, weeds, coffee grounds, and grass clippings). Next you need some decomposers, they can be worms, fungi, or bacteria, I suggest worms.Now add water, water is important because it mixes the compost and helps it break down. Then throw it all into the compost bin, and let the worms and time do their magic, soon in a couple of weeks you will have nice healthy compost, be sure to throw in some other stuff as well, but meat, bones, and dairy are forbidden. Also, remember that the temperature in the compost bin will soon be 140 degrees F, you should feel some radiation from the bin in a couple of weeks, this is a good thing don't worry.

Effects of composting

The Effects of composting is first you save the food or waste from being put in to a land field and can cause pollution from being made because they have to cut down trees second of all that population in to rivers etc. this can cause a major chain reaction in the food chain,haha get it?

Fun Facts

Minerals are deposited from the worm into the compost

Potatoes do not mold and decay since they are considered seeds/roots.

Manur is extra minerals for the compost, but don't put in pet droppings, it will attract flies.