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Aarohi Bansal

William Heatherington

Mahatma Gandhi

He provided the much needed leadership to people of India and showed the path of non violence to win independence.



Its a most common dress used in India.


Common Transportation

* Rickshaw

* Auto Rickshaw

* Local Bus

* Railway Train

* Car

* Motor Cycle

* Cycle

* Truck

* Metro

Unique Food

Most Common Food Eaten

* Raita

* Chole Puri

* Dal and Roti

* Khichadi

* Sambar and Dosa

Recreational Games

Most Games Played

* Cricket

* Hockey

* Badminton

* Kabadi

* Tennis

* Table Tennis


Most Common Dresses

* Dhoti and Kurta

* Suit

* Saree

* Lehenga

* Kurta and Pajama

Extra Information

* The capital of India is New Delhi.

* The language most spoken is Hindi.

For Hello you say is "Namaste"

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