¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?

Sra. Rivera-McEwen

La República Dominicana

In this lesson you will learn to:
-talk about sports
-talk about whom you know
-talk about what you know
The Dominican Republic (a short documentary)
La serie del Caribe

After reading this article answer the questions in a separate sheet of paper. 1. When did the series begin? 2. Which teams play from 1970-2013? 3. Which team returned to the tournament in 2014? 4. Which style tournament do they play? Explain.

Recycle DOP

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Vocabulary presentation video (with pop up vocabulary)

¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito? Vocabulary worksheets


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Vocabulary Quiz

The verb "jugar"

Learn how to conjugate the verb jugar.

The verb "jugar" in Spanish

The verb "jugar" worksheets


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Saber O Conocer

Saber O Conocer transparency
02 Spanish lesson - Present: saber vs conocer

The verb "jugar" quiz

Saber vs. Conocer: How You Say You Know It

Saber or Conocer quiz

Jaime Colson y el arte representativo

Read this article and answer: Where was Colson Born? Where did he study? Which other countries did he live in? Which position did Trujillo assign him? What styles mixed in the mid 1950's? Where and of what did he die?

U6L1 TEST Review Packet

Click on the link above to access the Unidad 6 Lección 1 TEST Review Packet. Print and complete each activity.