Semana 19, Día 3

U5 L1 Peer Tutoring Wednesday!

¡Hace frío! Here´s a little ditty to try and help us shake off the shivers....return to your childhood!

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Ian for letting me know that he was no longer locked out of the assignments!

I know you were all so sad you could not access your work. That has now been solved, so please let me know if you are still having problems.

Aviso: U5 RLC again next Tues. Jan. 20th at 9pm

If you have received lower than an 85 on the Qtr. 2 Grade Report, you need to start attending an RLC each week. This will be your best investment for getting on the horse and riding through the end of the year with a passing grade.

Lección: Here are some lessons that will help you with U5 L1 Práctica de Gramática

  • Use the quizlet link below to practice how to figure out which form of the verb to use when you have compound subjects, for example "Mis amigos y yo".
  • If "yo" is combined with anybody else, you have the "nosotros" form. For example, "Marta y yo vamos al gimnasio". Vamos is the nosotros form.
  • If "tú" is combined with anybody else, you have the "vosotros" form in Spain and "ustedes" in Latin America. For example, "Jorge y tú váis a la tienda"or "Jorge y tú van a la tienda."
  • If "usted" is combine with others, you have the "ustedes" form. For example, "Carlos y Ud. van al cine."