Colon Cancer

By Nick Rasmussen

What Is Colon Cancer?

Colon Cancer is when your large intestine is enforced with cancer. It can also be called rectal cancer, which is when the lower part of the intestine is the most infected. It begins as a lump of cells that doesn't contain cancer. This lump (scientifically known as adenomatous polyps) will then grow and contain cancer.

How Is Colon Cancer Related To Me And Why Is It Important For Me To Understand It?

My grandma had Colon Cancer when she was 48. She thankfully survived it, even though it's the second deadliest cancer in the world. That's why it's so important for me to understand. I didn't know that this was the second deadliest cancer in the world until I started researching it. But fortunately she got it after my dad was born, so it probably isn't in our genes.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Colon Cancer?

What Are Some More Symptoms?

Weakness And Weight Loss

With Colon Cancer you will become more fatigued and tired even though you don't do any activity.

Colon Cancer also brings along unexplained weight loss, where you may eat a bunch and you'll lose weight instead of gaining it.

What Causes Colon Cancer?

Polyps: This dangerous cancer can start as Polyps, which are little bumps that don't contain cancer. These Polyps hide in the outer lining of the intestine or flat, but they can also be shaped like a mushroom. If these are removed before they contain cancer it can prevent the cancer.

Inherited Genes: Certain people can inherit genes from relatives. Very few Colon Cancer cases are linked to genes, so even if you have these genes does not make it certain you will eventually have cancer. There are very rare syndromes and disorders that can increase your risk of cancer by a lot.

What Are Some Treatment Options For Colon a Cancer?

There are three different types of treatment options. The first one is surgery. If you are in stage 1 cancer they suggest surgery before the cancer spreads or the polyp grows. Another option is chemotherapy, where they use drugs to try to kill the cancer. The third is radiation. In this type of therapy they use sources of energy to remove remaining cells.

10 Facts About Colon Cancer.

1. Is most likely known to start as a polyp(s) that doesn't contain cancer and grow bigger and contain cancer.

2. It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer.

3. Colon Cancer leads to the second most deaths by cancer.

4. If you catch it early it is often treatable.

5. The amount of deaths from Colon Cancer has been declining for several years.

6. The percentage of surviving five years after the cancer is discovered in one area is 90%.

7. The percentage of surviving five years after the cancer has spread to nearby organs is 71%

8. The percentage of surviving five years after the cancer has spread to distant organs is 13%

9. Colon Cancer affects everybody and anyone, but most often to people over 50.

10. High consumption of processed meats will increase the risk of Colon Cancer by 50%

What Kind Of Diet Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer?

It is best for you if you eat a plant based diet with limited amounts of meat. You also want to eat a lot of veggies and consume more calcium. Also watch your calories very carefully. Avoid red or processed meats, as high intake will increase your risk by 30-50%.



it is a very scary disease, but if you eat right and get screenings regularly it is avoidable and a treatable cancer!


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