Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckmen


The tornado happened in Grand Island Nebraska. It was by the Kmart/safety center in a small little street called South Locus, South locus is the street that one of the tornados happened. Dan's house got torn down in South Locus by the tornado picture from.


The main characters are Dan hatch the boy who the story was about, Stacey Arthurs sister, Arthur Dan's best freind, mom and dad dan's mom and dad, and Ryan dans little brother

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There was a tornado that had destroyed Dan's home, his family had been separated after the tornado, and they are on a search to find Dan's family along with his friend Arthur.


The tornado eventually stopped, and Dan and Arthur both found their lost family members. The next day the town came together to help with rebuilding the destroyed homes to trying to get the community back together.

Summary p.s. this is a spoiler alert

Dan and Arthur were riding bikes around and it got a little creepy outside so they went to Dan's house and ate dinner. There was a weather report on the news of the chance of a tornado. So they got prepared for the tornado and then strong winds picked up and there mom left for work and they were alone. They saw a tornado coming to them, Dan rushed up stairs to get his little brother Ryan. they ran as fast as they could to the basement! THE TORNADO WAS OVER THEM! When the tornado was over they tried to get out at that time Stacy Arthurs sister got them out. When they finally got out Dan said we need to find my family! They looked and looked for them and they eventually found them. Then they went to the safety center and another tornado came but they were all safe together in the basement of the safety center. The tornado is finally gone, but they are still scared for the future, even though they are all safe and happy together now.

I do not like tornados

I do not like tornadoes because they are loud, scary, and dark. They cause lots of damage and it's sad losing things that belong to you because of a tornado. When we get tornadoes it's always a struggle getting my dog to calm down, mainly because he hates loud noises.

warning this book might be a little to scary for kids under the age 6.

No More Tornadoes

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