Atomic Mass: 18.18

Discoverer: Janay Bender, MHD (doctor of momming)
Occurrence: extremely high quantities found near or in beds, rarely found outdoors
Surface Properties: lustrous sight orbs, photosensitive, large spectrum of colors, 8 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness
Boils When: told what to do
Melts If: temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit
Can cause sore loser syndrome if argued with
Specimens can be found in various states:
  1. Exuberant when: around animals
  2. At peace when: with her best friend
  3. Confident when: on the stand
  4. Happy when: watching Netflix
Becomes stubborn and unyielding when: argued with
Is repelled by: owls
Is attracted to: cheesecake
May spontaneously combust when: in small, crowded spaces
Requires copious amounts of: sleep
Is inert if: hair is being played with
Will repel: pompous people
Is impervious to: demands