Throwback Thursday - Snaplr

April 30, 2015 - BEST District of the EVSC

What is Snaplr?

Back in September I messaged out a tool called Snaplr, and the response was awesome. I thought, why not have a throwback to a previous tip that I am still fielding requests about, so here goes! Snaplr is a web-based app that allows you to take screenshots, annotate, and save/share the edited image out. Snaplr is simple and easy to use (PLUS IT'S FREE).

Step 1

Download the version of Snaplr that matches your computer's operating system. See image below.
Big image

Step 2

Take a screenshot. See image below.
Big image

Step 3

Within the darkened screenshot left-click and hold. Drag until you get the part of the screenshot you want to capture (inside of the red square), then let go of the left-click. Voila! You have a "piece" of your screenshot that can be annotated or edited! See image below.
Big image

Step 4

Copy to Clipboard or Save Image. It's really that simple!

Snaplr Video Tutorial

Do you feel like you are missing a step in there preventing you from using Snaplr? Check out this short video tutorial.