Legos the fun building blocks!

DQ: Who maid legos and what inspired him to make them?

This is a lego (im am sure you have seen one)

Fun facts about Legos: did you know in Greek Lego means "I put together"?

Also did you know the original owners name was Oli?

Now lets talk land... LEGOLAND!!!!!!!!

Did you know that in the beginning the purpose for LEGOLAND was just to show off the Legos and how they make them!

Also did you know that in the first year of LEGOLAND there where over 600,000 visitors?

Here are a few more facts did you know that Lego had 2 factors burn down in 10 years!

I hope you learned some intresting stuff about legos and here is one more fact for the road. Did you know that lego built an airport to help sell there toys to outher countreys? A: you did not!