Randolph Weekly Update 10.21.22

Principals' Corner

We had a great time last Friday with the Color Run! Thank you to all the friends, familes, neighbors and businesses that supported Randolph!

Reading Every Day is our goal for all students! As a busy parent I know it can be hard to find 20 minutes a day to listen to your Randolph Roadrunners read.

Here are a few tips to incorporate reading into your family routine and make it fun:

*Set aside a special time each day that you devote to reading(before bed, at breakfast, before dinner)

*Keep books in the back seat and listen to your children read while you are driving

*Create a special place to read (favorite chair, cozy corner, in a tent)

*Record yourself reading a book and share it with your children so they can listen whenever they choose

* Model reading for your children. Both of you read at the same time and then talk about your books.

*Have older children read to their younger brother or sisters.

*Ask Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles to listen to your child read

*Ask your children to read print that is NOT in a book. For example- road signs, menus, billboards, cereal boxes and lots of everyday items are opportunities to practice reading.

Warm regards,

Julie Linn


Fall Fest

Fall Fest is tonight from 6:00-8:00 pm! Join us for games, music, donuts and a trunk or treat!

Parents are required to stay at the school with their students. Please make sure you're supervising your children throughout the evening. There should be no running or roughhousing outside, in the hallways, or in the gym where music is being played. We do not want anyone getting injured.

Trunk or Treat-

  • Be sure to have your student bring a bag for candy if they will be participating in the Trunk or Treat.
  • Costumes are encouraged! (No masks, weapons or fake blood please)
  • Please make sure to check in at the Trunk or Treat table that will be set up outside! Every family will receive a ticket with a time frame on it so you can enjoy the Fest and come back at your scheduled window. This way, you won't have to wait in a long line!

November Calendar Raffle:

The PTA is bringing back our month-long calendar raffle that will be taking place throughout the month of November! We will be raffling off 25 amazing prizes throughout the month and you will have a chance to win every prize. A ticket, flyer and calendar of prizes will be going home with your students next week. Make sure to check folders!

PTA Meeting

Our next PTA meeting will take place on November 2nd from 6:30-7:30 at the school. This meeting will be in-person only.

Thank you Roadrunners for a super successful Color Run Fundraiser!

We raised $28,237.61 to support your students. Our PTA and Staff will use these funds for a variety of events this year!

Halloween Parties Friday, October 28th

As you are picking out those awesome costumes, please note that masks, weapons, blood, etc... are NOT allowed at Randolph for Classroom Parties or the Fall Fest.

Music with Mr. B

We are making good headway in Mr. B’s 30 Year Plan! The 30 Year Plan is that, in 30 years, the skills your students learned in elementary music class will have resulted in them being Tuneful, Beat-ful, and Artful humans.

Tuneful People Can:

- Keep songs in their heads and reproduce them accurately

- Sing Happy Birthday and lullabies to their loved ones (and not be begged to stop!)

- Be confident when they have the opportunity to sing

Beat-ful People Can:

- Rock on the beat while singing lullabies

- Dance to the beat at their wedding

- Clap their hands in time at sporting events

Artful People:

- Are moved by beautiful music

- Seek out expressive music experiences

- Sing to children with feeling

Here is a quick update.

Kindergarten - Students recently brought home an “Ask Me to Sing” sheet for the song Chop Chop Chippety Chop. I asked them to teach this short song to 3 different people. We are working on building independence with some new songs now. Please share songs from your childhood with your kids. Research has shown that our generation does not sing with their kids as much as previous generations!

1st Grade - This week, students are being introduced to the idea that music can be shared with writing. They are learning simple “duple patterns” that have appeared in songs they learned in kindergarten and 1st grade so far. By the end of the year, they will be able to read simple duple patterns and write them after hearing them in a song.

2nd Grade - 2nd Grade learned their first song on the xylophones this week. This song (C for the City by Jon Maddin) exposes the students to the Blues Progression and reinforces the simple triple rhythmic patterns they have been learning to read and write. You can watch one class play the song here.

3rd Grade - The students have been asking and now it is time. UKULELES! We learned the C7 and C chords this week and played our first song, Lime in the Coconut, along with the Muppets. Thank you to the PTA for the generous donation of these ukuleles a few years ago.

The school provides ukuleles for the classroom BUT if you are considering buying a ukulele for your child I recommend anything by Kala (we use the Waterman Soprano at school). I have also been impressed with this Donner ukulele from Amazon. I am always available to help you avoid buying “instrument shaped objects.”

4th Grade - is currently reviewing ukulele because they are about to begin their song writing unit (that will take us into winter break). Starting next week, the students will begin translating poetry into songs by adding chords. We start with Maya Angelou’s Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All.

Elementary Support Teacher-Mrs. Bice

Developmentally children in elementary are learning a lot about social interactions and relationships. It is normal for conflict to arise as they share a classroom with their peers and a playground with many more children. I find the lists below very helpful in determining whether a situation might be a normal conflict or more serious.

Normal Peer Conflict

Happens once in a while

Not planned, happens when someone is upset

Both people are upset

Both children try to work out their problem

Bullying Behavior

Is repeated behavior

Planned or on purpose

Person being bullied is more upset then the bully

The Bully does not want to work things out, they want control

Unfortunately, in our technology driving world, children are actually playing less and less. This is causing some social delays in their development. Learning to compromise, negotiate, apologize, and communicate all takes practice. Finding time to arrange playdates and social experiences will greatly benefit your children.

When issues are brought to our attention, we do meet with the students to help them resolve and learn from the situation. We often call parents to include them in the process and make them part of the team. Thanks for working together to make our kids great!

Please contact me at jbice2@livoniapublicschools.org if I can ever be of assistance.


Best Wishes,

Jan Bice

Food Pantry and Clothing Depot-Contact Mrs. Bice

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Lunchroom Fun

Congratulation to Ms. Slack

She attended a Red Wing VIP Teacher Appreciation Event and won $500 from Meijers!
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Cell Phones and Watches

Students are not to use electronic items including cell phones in school unless authorized by the building administration/appropriate staff. These items are frequently noisy and may be disruptive to the educational environment. Bringing cell phones to the school by students is not recommended; however, the administration recognizes that cell phones are a desirable and convenient means of communication between parents and their children. Thus, authorized cell phone use is defined below:

  1. Cell phones are not to be turned on, seen, heard, or used in the school building without permission.

  2. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones.

  3. Carrying cell phones on the student is not allowed without staff permission.

  4. Portable devices may be used on the bus at the driver’s discretion.

  5. At NO TIME is it permissible to take photographs or videos of students or staff members. This violates multiple handbook policies and may result in suspension.

Students found in violation of the guidelines stated above will have their cell phone confiscated for the remainder of the day. The student may pick up the phone before going home. The student could face disciplinary action for repeat offences.


Picture Retakes will be held on November 29th

Mark Your Calendars

10/28 3rd & 4th Bowling Field Trip

11/2 PTA Meeting 6:30 p.m., Chipotle North Dine to Donte

11/7 BEST Assembly

11/8 No School-Election Day

11/8 Roller Skating

11/23-11/25 No School Thanksgiving Break

11/29 Picture Retakes

12/3-12/9 Book Fair

12/8 Winter Dance

12/9 Half Day Dismissal at 12:10, End of First Trimester

12/12 No School Professional Development Day for Staff

12/21 Report Cards can be viewed on Parent Connect

12/26-1/6 Winter Break

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Full Pay Breakfast - $2.00

Full Pay Lunch - $3.50

Milk - 60 cents

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Student Check Out

Please remember that a parent must come into the Secured Vestibule to sign-out his/her student for appointments or early exit. The office will then call down for the student, and the child leaves the office with his/her parent. Children cannot be dismissed directly from the classroom, lunchroom, or the playground to the parent.

We must have record of the adult picking up the child and be able to provide visual recognition of this adult, or check the identification of another adult who has been sent in the parent’s place.

Please know that some of our staff who are new to Randolph may not recognize you and may ask for ID—this is for your child’s safety and well being. Thank you for cooperating with this important procedure.

Volunteers and Chaperones Please Complete

We love volunteers and chaperones...one important step before signing up to serve in some way is to complete the necessary ichat security check for ALL volunteers and chaperones. The link below can always be found at the Randolph homepage under "Quick links" on the right hand side.


Attendance Line


Randolph has a school attendance line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact us at 734-744-2770 to let us know about an absence or click HERE to complete the attendance form. This link is also located on our Website under the Quicklinks.

If you will be out an extended period of time, please use the attendance line to let our offices know. We will be using an automated call service again this year. You will get a call in the AM and PM if your son or daughter is not at school that day. If you would like schoolwork for your child, please call in the morning on the main school line so teachers have ample time to prepare the work. You may pick up the work in the office after school, or have it sent home with a sibling or friend.

NOW HIRING Noon Monitors for Randolph

Noon Monitor Position

This is an excellent opportunity to be a mentor to our young boys and girls. We love having parents and grandparents help in these positions. Responsibilities include supervising students during lunch in the lunchroom & outside at recess.

Daily 11:35-12:35 p.m. They are paid positions, and there is an application process through Edu Staff. If you are interested or have any questions, please email Mrs. Stoppa (kstoppa@livoniapublicschools.org) and begin the application process through Edu Staff, ASAP!! We will interview you and give you more details about the position.

You can apply here https://www.edustaff.org/ You will click "Start and Application" and then proceed through the guided steps. When you get to #4 on the application, click on Wayne RESA, then Livonia Public Schools. When you get to #5, click on Noon Attendant (Noon Monitor). If you are interested in any other positions you can click on Secretary Sub, Sub Parapro and Sub Teachers. Sometime in the future applicants might want to help in other capacities, and having this done from the beginning is helpful.

NOW HIRING-Other positions outside of Randolph!


Crossing guards needed! The Livonia Police Department and Westland Police Department are looking for crossing guards to assist LPS students at key intersections throughout the district. If you are interested, please contact the Livonia PD via email to adam.kalza@livoniapd.com or Westland PD via email to maldini@wlpd.net.


LPS is hiring bus drivers, noon monitors, early childhood staff and more. If you are interested in working while your child is in school, please visit the LPS Careers page by clicking HERE.

Note: Wages have increased for bus drivers. Training rate is $16/hour and the regular hourly rates range from $19/hour to $24/hour.

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Elementary Day

8:45 Students can begin to arrive

8:50 First Bell Rings

8:55 Tardy Bell Rings

12:10-1:00 Lunch/Recess

4:00 Dismissal

Half Day Dismissal will be 12:10

Randolph Mission

Randolph Roadrunners do our BEST to Learn and Lead!

Be Safe

Expect Responsible Behavior

Show Respect


BEST in Learning! BEST for Life!