The English Colony


The Arrival of The Puritans

In 1625 the Puritans came over to the "New World." The reason the Puritans came to the "New World" is because they wanted to escape England's church to practice a better, more pure religion.

Larger Group

1630 John Winthrop brought a second group larger group of Puritans to settle on the Massachusetts Bay. John served Massachusetts Bay Colony governor. Winthrop in fact will serve the governor for 20 years.

Settlers Leave Connecticut River Valley

During the 1633 the settlers of Connecticut River Valley start to leave the colony. They started to leave because they did not like the way the way the Puritan leaders tried to influence the colonist.

Roger Williams Expelled

In 1635 the Puritans did not like Roger William believes. The reason Rodger Williams is expelled is because the Puritans disagreed with his believes and decided anyone with different believes were to leave.

Anne Hutchinson Goes On Trail

The year of 1637 a woman named Anne Hutchinson goes on trail. Anne Hutchinson went on trial because of her believes, she was holding meetings in here house practicing a different religion, and everyone who went there had gone on there own free will.

Fundamental Orders Are Wrote

Fundamental Orders are written in 1639. The Fundamental Orders are the first written plan of government on the "New World."

King Phillip's War

1675, King Phillip's War begins. The war known as King Phillip's War, was between the Indians and the European settlers. King Phillip's War was about land, the Indians thought no one owned land that they share the land, and European settlers believed that they owned the land.

Growth of Boston

1750's the growth Boston skyrocketed. Because of the low coast of ships, more and more merchants bought them there. Thanks to that Boston start to skyrocket, and Boston grew faster than before.

What We Ate

1625 through 1645 we ate bread and potatoes. The bread that we ate we made in stone ovens, and the potatoes we ate we baked out of the soil we grew crops in. The crops consisted of whet, carrots, and potatoes.

What Are Jobs Were

Through 1625 and 1645 are jobs were very important. Are jobs consisted of a cooper, blacksmith, and cobbler. The blacksmith is when you work with lots of metals and or ores. We blacksmiths molded many thing that consist of axes, hoes, pickaxes, shovels, and swords.

Why We Puritans Were Important

We Puritans are important because we're like the Pilgrims, we wanted a better religion but did not want to separate the English church. There for we did not separate we just practiced a more pure religion.