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Welcome to my Flyer! In case you wondered what I looked like, here are a few pictures from my volunteer trip in South Africa.

Apps in the Classroom

This flyer will be profiling five apps that will be useful for children at an elementary level. It will not only provide the app, but a description, video and a link to be able to download it.

Lola's Math Train

Lola's math train is a great app for elementary and pre-elementary aged children. It allows them to practice simple math like adding and subtracting. In this app, you are able to choose the level at which you work, and as you go, it will self advance. It seems like a great game that enables kids to have fun and learn at the same time!

Click here to download the app!

Lola's Math Train - Interactive and educational game for kids


This app, suitable for elementary students uses simple physics to allow students to practice their logistical thinking in order to build simple structures. Students can build virtual things like bridges using "popsicle sticks" without the mess! This app could be useful in science classes as well as a thinking game while at home.

Click here to download the app.

App Review: Simple Physics

Reading Raven

Reading Raven is an interactive app that allows children to go on a reading adventure. They can explore the lessons and learn how to read, print and even write full sentances!

Click here to download Reading Raven.

Reading Raven | Educational Apps

Aesop's Quest

Aesop's Quest is an interactive game app similar to Blues Clues appropriate for children from grades 2 to 6. It is an interactive game that encourages children to use their reading and comprehension skills to help Aesop achieve his goals. It is a good game to promote thinking and reasoning.

Click here to download Aesop's quest.

Aesop's Quest app review by Super Readers

Learn with Homer!

This app is a reading comprehension and learning app suitable for early elementary students. The interface is beautiful and will surely pique the interest of the user. Not only is it good for reading but it also gives scientific facts which will further a student's knowledge.

Click here to download the app.

Meet Learn with Homer! (36 seconds)


Thanks for looking at my flyer, stay tuned for more useful apps in the classroom!