Week of February 1st-5th

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~ This is a busy week with benchmark testing, a new rotation of clubs, and a visit from our school board member!! Thank you for all you do and all of your hard work. You truly are an amazing staff with such a heart for kids!!

~ Happy Counselor's Week to Janet! We appreciate everything you do for our campus!!

~ I will be off campus tomorrow at a financial training, and I will be off campus Friday morning and the writing review training, where I will take the writing samples. Thank you to everyone for turning those into me. I really appreciate everyone being on top of things and getting me those samples. If you have not turned those in yet, please get those to me by Wednesday.

~ Make sure to send Lilly your Elk of the Month form, so it can be hung up in the hallway! We need our current Elks up on display by Wednesday at the latest.

~ Our second rotation of clubs begin this Friday! Because of the UIL events and younger grade teachers being sponsors and older grade teachers taking the younger kids this time, please make sure your students know where to go on Friday! Having them find the room before club time will help out SO much! Just like last time, I will let the younger grades go first in order to find their room before the halls get crowded with the older students. Mr. Newcom will be here during clubs, so I'm excited for him to get to see them in action. Since the students know the routine (especially the older ones), you should be able to start an activity for this first session instead of just having the intro. Let me know if you have something fun planned, and we will be sure to stop by! I think the school Newspaper is going to interview him for a story, so that will be exciting!

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~ Benchmark testing will take place on Tuesday (4th and 5th grade) and Wednesday (5th) this week. Bobby sent the schedule to grade levels that would have schedules affected. I have listed it below as well! There will also be staff members helping to test, so those extra classes may be cancelled due to the teachers administering the test. Make sure to remind students to be quiet in the hallways, as this will be a "mock STAAR" scenario, with students testing all over the building, getting allowable accommodations, and following the 4 hour time limit. Make sure to notify parents if you have changes in your schedules this week like lunch or specials, in case they are planning to come on campus to eat with their child or take them for early dismissal.

Schedule for Testing:

4th Tuesday only –

~ 4th grade lunch will be sack lunches. 12:00 – 12:30 (Teachers will be relieved for lunch and classes will be covered)

~ 4th grade will switch conferences with 1st grade 12:30 – 1:15

5th grade Tuesday and Wednesday-

~ Lunch will be at 12:30 – 1:10 (switch with 2nd grade)

~ Conference will be 1:15 – 2:05 ( switch with Kindergarten)

~ Make sure to send you PLC dates to Evelyn, so she can plan to attend your next PLC meeting. Also, make sure to plan your Quad D "moments" in your lesson plans, and let Bobby and I know, so we can also plan to stop by!

~ Remind your students not to take devices out at breakfast. We are having some students take them out, and they end up being late to class because they are using their devices instead of eating. I will also make a point to mention it on the announcements as well!

~ Please send Diana the number of students you had in PRIDE Posse this semester. We have the spirit tags in, so she will put that amount in your boxes to pass out to the students. I think the kids really enjoyed it last week!! Thanks for everyone for being flexible! I think it really made an impact that positive behavior gets rewarded. Make sure, when you are calculating citizenship grades, that you are only sending students who truly exhibit characteristics of excellent behavior. We may need to increase the point values or re-look at the criteria for next year, but we have to keep the same for this next semester.

~ Dr. Parker will be here on Friday at 1:00 this week, but I don't believe she is walking around to classrooms. From what I know, she will just be meeting with me to get an update on how things are progressing and what goals we have accomplished thus far and how I feel the year is going as a whole.

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Words of the Week

Kg: INHABIT: to live in

1st: BAFFLE: hard to understand or solve

2nd: SESQUIPEDALIAN: someone who uses long vocabulary words

3rd: PECULIAR: strange, odd, or unusual

4th: INTRICATE: detailed

5th: REMARKABLE: worthy of notice, extraordinary or unusual

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Don't forget to turn in the "Word-Up" Level forms!! The kids love it when they come down and receive their "word up" tags! We had one 3rd grader get both Vocaber AND Word Wizard because of her outstanding use of the words in her writing!!

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Monday, Feb.1st

Staff Meeting @ 3:00 in the library

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd

Kori off campus at financial training

Week of Feb 1st: Benchmarks:
Tuesday Feb 2nd:

5th grade math benchmark

4th grade writing benchmark

Wednesday Feb. 3rd:

5th grade Reading

Friday, February 5th:

Kori off campus in the morning from 8:00-10:00

Dr. Parker here at 1:00

Clubs Begin (Round 2) @ 2:10- Mr. Newcom on campus

Monday, February 8th:

Learn not to Burn Assembly:

K-2 8:15

3-5: 9:00

Tuesday, Febrary 9th: Conference Room

ELAR Vertical Meeting @ 3:00 (bring writing samples)

Thursday, February 11th:

Kori off campus in AM at principal's meeting

Friday, February 12th:

Valentine's Parties at 2:00

Thursday, February 18th:

Kori off campus at DLT meeting

Friday, February 19th:

Kori off campus in AM at Principal's meeting at EME

Friday, February 26th:

early release & campus staff development

Saturday, February 27th:

Destination Imagination Competition

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