Some important facts about cats

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Some important facts about cats

How to care about your cat?

You should always be careful about the changes in behaviour of your cat. These changes might be due to some health problem and you should take it seriously. Our understanding and the way of communication with cats is very important for their betterment.

A sick cat would not meow or complain and would always hide.

Some of the unusual behavioural signs in cats

o Drinking more or stops drinking
o Avoids your company
o Plays less than before
o Stops drinking or drinks too much.

If you see any of the above changes in behaviour you should immediately consult a veterinary doctor.

Training your cats

Most of the people think that cats cannot be trained which is not true. These lovely animals can be trained in a better manner as cats are hygienic and clean by nature. The cat's training can be real fun.

Like dogs cats do not prefer to do their "business" in open. You can train your cat by taking a litter box with you. In case your cat does not use the litter box try to put the "waste" inside the litter box. This would make your cat realize about the right place to use for this "business" purpose.

Cat's health and tips

You can take care of your cat's health by following certain guidelines.

o The cats can suffer from allergies just like humans. In order to avoid this you try to keep your cat indoors.

oWash their bedding and blankets in order to ensure that there is no contamination due to any sort of allergy.

o Try adding supplements to their diet like omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B.This would help in maintain the skin and coat of your cat.

The important lessons which catch teaches us

Cat make great pets which dog lovers are not aware of. Even the cats can be loving and sweet just like the dog. Usually the cats are not noisy except on special occasions. Above all these things cats can teach us very good lessons in life.

o Everybody needs a company

Cats are pets which always want to be around other cats and they love to be in their owner's company. This teaches us a very important lesson that we tend to forget due to our modern and busy lives. This cat teaches us that everybody needs someone or the other in life, which is the fact.

o If you are sad at times it is perfectly fine

If your cat is sad it is really sad unlike humans who pretend something else. The humans would rather avoid looking sad even if they are sad in reality but a cat would not do so. This teaches us an important lesson in life that you can be sad at times.

o Sometimes we make good friends with people who are just unexpected

It is a very common experience in real life that we tend to make good friend with people whom we do not expect in our lives. Similarly cats can become good friends with hens and ducks which is great.

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