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Training for Warriors


Iron Mind Performance & Fitness 8- Week Training for Warriors Challenge

Wednesday, April 23rd, 7pm

87 West Main Street


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

8 Week Challenge - It's on!!

Who is this for?
This program is for men and women looking to drastically change their body composition, get leaner/stronger, build mental toughness, and unlock their true potential.

Who is this is NOT for?
  • Those who are looking for serious results without putting in the effort
  • Those who are not committed to making positive changes
  • Those who don’t want to lift weights
  • Those who are looking for a miracle magic pill or quick fix

What Is TFW?
Training For Warriors is different than traditional fitness programs. While most
programs seem to be created for losing some quick weight, the promise of bigger arms
or a scam to part someone with his or her money, TFW instead was created as a fitness
and lifestyle guide to help people find their way. This system is a combination of fitness
and philosophy designed to “Bring Out The Warrior Within.”

The TFW system uses a combination of metabolic conditioning, strength training, and sprinting to increase muscle and scorch body fat. The program has challenges built in to develop both body and mind.

What’s included?
TFW 8 Week Package $249

  • Access to 4 TFW training sessions a week for 8 weeks
  • Enrollment in a private online Iron Mind Performance support group
  • Personalized diet plan.
  • Before/After measurements and pictures with a professional photographer.
  • Private performance coaching sessions with Iron Mind Staff to keep you laser focused on achieving the best transformation possible.

How do I sign up?
Contact 607-423-3863 to arrange payment to confirm your spot in the TFW Challenge.
As a trainer I used to get a lot of excuses why my clients couldn't workout or maintain a healthy diet...

Today when I went for my lunch time workout my students actually begged to go with me.

I teach Special Education to at risk youth so my kids battle to find motivation on a daily basis.

Initially I said no, but my students kept pushing...

I got about 30 reasons why my students wanted to go and about 30 different benefits of working out.

They definitely won me over.

The funny thing is that half of my students where in jeans and one in work boots...not typical workout gear.

So we went for the run...

Not one of them fact I got thanked by every single one of them mid run...

We all finished together... I was beyond inspired by their motivation and will to workout.

There was no stopping them today...

Next time you think about skipping a workout or straying from you diet remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a luxory... Be thankful that your are alive, live in a safe environment, and that you have the ability to workout.

If you shift your perspective I bet you never miss another opportunity to exercise.

Motivation is always within go get it!!!
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