January Newsletter MOM

Medical Office Management - January


This month the Junior class will be studying the nervous system and Domain 5 (Patient Education) of CMAA certification.. They will be doing the following activities:

-Analyzing nervous system reports such as operative reports and chart notes

-Identifying and labeling parts of the nervous system and pathway of digestion

-Word Surgery (breaking down terms into word parts) and building words with word parts

-Students will paint styrofoam heads depicting the parts of the nervous system relating to the brain.

-Students will also be preparing "teach back" assignments for Domain #5-Patient Education which introduces the Patient Bill of Rights, as well as patient consent, insurance responsibilities and Government and private insurance.

For the "teach back" projects, students are assigned a particular section of the domain and each will create a power point presentation, a guided outline, a pretest, and a word scramble or crossword puzzle.

Students will then teach their presentations of assigned material to their peers.


What seniors are doing this month:

This month seniors will be learning Domain #5 (Reporting) for the CEHRS certification exam. This will include:

-Students creating teach backs with power point slides and guided outline, as well as a post-test and a word search or word puzzle.

-Reporting includes: financial reporting, clinical reporting, and quality improvement reporting

-Seniors will also be learning the clinical use of the electronic health record. This includes clinical documentation in the patient record, patient history, and components of history and physical exam, order entry, tracking immunizations, and using the EHR for patient education.

-Students gamify their learning with Blooket reviews, which allows them to compete against each other for knowledge of the content studied.

In Our Class.....

We are a team

We are positive

We respect each other

We try our best

We make good choices

We are kind and honest

We listen to each other

We work hard

We encourage each other

We are all important!

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