Monday Morsels

November 23, 2015

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Many Thanks, Mayfield!

We have so much to be grateful here at MJS. Just last week, we celebrated books and literacy, and came together as a community to support the love of reading. We have several outreach programs underway that will help those in need throughout the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. Tomorrow, we gather together in prayer to share what we are truly grateful for. Many blessings to you and your family and friends!

Thanks for Supporting Book Fair!

Many thanks to all our MJS families and friends that came and supported Book Fair this past week. There were many days filled with literature events, author visits, and books for all ages. We enjoyed seeing you at Family Night, we were happy to see you during Donuts with Dads and Special Friends, and we delighted to see students partaking in the love of books. This community makes the annual tradition extra special! As Roald Dahl once said, "If my books can help children become readers, then I feel I have accomplished something important." Thanks for being a part of Reading Is Your Golden Ticket!

Union Station Lunches

Fifth grade are now entering their 2nd month of making lunches for Union Station. Two advisory classes get together every month to assemble a healthy and complete lunch for those who need a meal at Union Station. Each advisor has spoken to students about earning $2.00 at home in order to donate funds for the groceries necessary to make the lunches. We ask that each 5th grade student bring in their $2.00 next Monday, November 30th to advisory. Many thanks for your support of our Outreach efforts.

This Week's News You Need to Know

  • November 24: Thanksgiving Prayer Service, 2 pm; all are invited
  • November 25-27: MJS Campus Closed; no Extended Programs services

November Dates to Remember

  • November 24: Thanksgiving Prayer Service, 2 pm, Gym
  • November 25-27: MJS Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday; no Extended Program Services
  • November 30: School resumes
  • November 30: Advent Prayer Service, 8 am, HPAC
  • November 30: 5H & 5G pack Union Station lunches, H4a Room (Hayden)
  • November 30: please bring $2.00 to advisory

December Dates to Remember

  • December 8: Mass of the Immaculate Conception, 9 am, Gym
  • December 8: Concert Dress
  • December 11: Mothers' Christmas Luncheon, 11:30-2:00, Gym
  • December 15: Christmas Concert at St. Andrew, 6-7 pm
  • December 18: half day of school; noon dismissal; extended care open
  • December 18: Christmas Prayer Service, 9:10 am, Gym
  • Extended Care Open: 12/21; 12/22; 12/28; & 12/29
  • Extended Care Closed: 12/23; 12/24; 12/25; 12/30; & 1/1

Hello From 5A Science!

Students have been studying about hot air balloons. They researched the history and also came up with a design to build a hot air balloon during science. Each student presented his/her design to their group, and one was selected by the group. Building and testing out their design took a few classes. After several redesigns, they were able to get their balloons to fly. Excitement was at an all-time high when the first group got their balloon to lift off!

Up, Up and Away In 5B & 5C Science!

5th graders in science have been going "Up, Up and Away" on their hot-air balloon projects. After researching the topic and writing reports, students are working in groups to design and launch balloons. If their attempts are not successful, they figure out why and go back to the drawing board and try again. They're getting closer!

5th Grade Buddies in 1st Grade

Ms. Susan Reedy prepared a group of 5th grade students known as The Helpful Big Boys in being kindness leaders. They chose first grade for their Great Kindness Project. They used their skills in Ms. Marks' first grade class, reading a story to them about kindness, discussing the story with students. After sharing the traits of kindness from the book, these amazing 5th graders helped Ms. Marks' students make bookmarks, followed by a fun scavenger hunt in the library. Ms. Reedy referred to these students as, "Kindness ninjas at work." Kindness is everywhere!

Last Week's Monday Morsels...

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