Sparta Is For You! I'm Sure Of It!

Spartan Woman-Karissa Kopf

Athens No More!

Aren't you tired of losing all of the wars against us? Don't you want to be called a winner for once? Cause let me tell you, Athens has no chance in beating us ever again and you will forever be considered a loser. come to Sparta of course!

What Were Trying To Say!

Come Join Us, In Sparta!

I thinks it's been pretty obvious already, Sparta is so much better then Athens! Everything about us is better, you should know that by now! If you don't, you soon will, I assure it.

What's So Great About It!

Women and Sparta Is Better, Of Course!

Out of all the information that you have seen, it should be pretty clear by now that Sparta and it's women are so much better. We have so much more right, we can own 1/3 of property, be strong and powerful and we have the protection that will keep us safe. We are aloud to get the education that we want and learn art skills and more! Let me just say, we are so much better.
Sparta! If you need to know more!

Of course you are going to switch to our city-state, so here you will find all the information that your going to need.


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