ECET2Lou: By Teachers, for Teachers

February 16 & 17, Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel

ECET2Lou must know facts

  1. Bring a tablet or a laptop - you will need them!
  2. Wear your JCPS school colors (NOT UofL or UK)
  3. If you're thinking of joining Twitter, do so BEFORE the event. Use this link to learn how.
  4. Please use our hashtag in ALL tweets - #ECET2LOU
  5. We will have appetizers and a cash bar Friday night beginning at 8:30
  6. We will have coffee and tea Saturday morning
  7. We will have a Google Form at the end of the end of the event you MUST complete to have your PD infomation entered on pdCentral
  8. Tweet out and tweet often! We encourage you to share your learning!
  9. If you cannot attend, please email MeMe so your spot can be given to a waitlister
  10. Be ready to #SHOUTOUT, celebrate and elevate each other!

ECET2Lou Schedule


6:00-6:30 - Registration

6:30-6:45 - Welcome to ECET2Lou

6:45 - 7:00 - Creating your "About Me" networking tool

7:00 - 7:30 - General Keynote - Dr. Felicia Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services

7:30-7:45 - Break

7:45-8:30 - Networking Activity - Connecting the Dots, Building Capacity

8:30-10:30 - Social Event

  • Hors-d'oeuvres
  • Cash bar


8:30-9:00 - Coffee & Registration

9:00-9:20 - Welcome with remarks from Dr. Marty Pollio

9:20-9:40 - Cultivating a Calling Keynote - Jahi Peake, Young Elementary

9:40-9:50 BREAK

9:50-10:50 - Breakout Sessions One

10:55-11:45 Colleague Circle One

11:45-12:40 - LUNCH

    • Cultivating a Calling Keynote - Dawn Foley, Butler Traditional High

12:40-1:40 - Breakout Sessions Two

1:40-1:50 - BREAK
1:50-2:50 Breakout Sessions Three
2:50-3:00 - BREAK
3:00-3:40 - Colleague Circle Two
3:40-4:00 - Wrap Up/Door Prizes/Group Pic/Thanks

9:50-10:50 - Breakout Sessions 1

To see session descriptions, click here

  • GoNoodle - Boost Productivity. Improve Behavior. Build Community - Rebecca Reynolds, Katie Wolff, Jordan Royse (Room - Crowne A/Pendleton) Session Folder -
  • Harnessing the Power of Twitter to Get Your Message Out - Linda Gray (Room - Elliot) Session Folder -
  • Engaging the Elementary Gifted Student in a Mixed Ability Classroom - Sheri Rhodes, Christie Mudd, Tiffani Morrison (Room - Madison) Session Folder -
  • The Compassionate Classroom: Engaging & Welcoming ELs - Michelle Shory, Bridget Kearney, Molly Lange, Adeline Thaler (Room - Perry) Session Folder -
  • Student Advocacy - Jackie Durbin (Room - Whitley) Session Folder -
  • School Startup: How Shadowing Students Transformed our Classrooms - Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, Heather Jones, Lauren Niemann, Rachel Ball, Courtney Williams, John Hall, Will Colon, Alyssa Mize (Room - Russell) Session Folder -
  • Inequity and Advanced Program Testing: Our School Journey - Mary Barnes, Latonya Frazier-Goatley, Jack Jacobs (Room - Shelby) Session Folder -
  • Leading Through Innovation - The Dual Plot Line - Growing Student Learning While Supporting Teacher Learning - Jennifer Cox, Amanda Gift (Room - Taylor) Session Folder -
  • Master Teachers, Fostering Professionalism and Leadership - Ann Morgan (Room - Franklin) Session Folder -
  • Creating Innovators Through Design Thinking - Natasha Allen, Cecil Smith, Brittany Witt (Room - Trimble) Session Folder -

To see session descriptions, click here

12:40-1:40 - Breakout Sessions 2

To see session descriptions, click here

  • Instilling Love & Gratitude in Schools - Johanna Parr, Jordan Royse, Rebecca Reynolds (Room - Elliot) Session Folder -
  • Using Technology to Coach and Support the Whole Teacher - Noah Klein, Tyler Gibson (Room - Perry) Session Folder -
  • Get Real Design Thinking - Ashley Lamb Sinclair, Kip Hottman (Room - Russell) Session Folder -
  • PBL for ESL - Donna Neary, Brittany Sharpless, Will Riley (Room - Madison) Session Folder -
  • Meeting Our Students Right Where They Are - Jonathan Joseph (Room - Shelby) Session Folder -
  • Deeper Learning Across the Continuum (Elementary geared) - Brittany Logsdon, Christie Mudd (Room - Taylor) Session Folder -
  • Teacher Mentorship: Tackling Teacher Attrition - Amanda Santos, Carla Kent (Room - Trimble) Session Folder -
  • Ignite Teacher/Librarian Collaboration - Janet Lanham, Sydney Travis, Ashley Henderson, Mary Herdelin, Kristina Bloch, Jennifer Owen, Crystal Puryear, Laura Yonkin, Stephanie Conrad, Linda Wrins-Ryan (Room - Whitley) Session Folder -
  • How To Fall in Love with your Academic Coach in 5 Easy Steps - Brian Meers, Missy Callaway (Room - Franklin) Session Folder -
  • The Social Justice League: A Teacher Cohort Organizing and Rebuilding for Racial Equity - Erica Young, Marcia Carmichael-Murphy, LaRhonda Mathies (Room - Crowne A/Pendleton) Session Folder -

To see session descriptions, click here

1:50-2:50 - Breakout Sessions 3

To see session descriptions, click here

  • The Competitive Edge - Cassie Hayes, Becky Heilman, Racaiya Darden (Room - Elliot) Session Folder -
  • Using Google to Drive Essentials Standards, Data, and Collaboration in Grade Level Teams - Shannon Stone (Room - Crowne A/Pendleton) Session Folder -

  • National Board Certification: A Journey to Accomplished Teaching - Pam Coomer (Room - Madison) Session Folder -
  • Embracing Student Agency - Kip Hottman, Marcia Carmichael-Murphy, Ashley Lamb-Sinclair (Room - Perry) Session Folder -
  • Teaching Argumentative Writing in Culturally Relevant Ways - Kimberly Johnson, Veda McClain (Room - Russell) Session Folder -
  • Show Me the Money: Tips for Teachers for Successful Grant Writing - Becky Crump, Jason Adkins (Room - Shelby) Session Folder -
  • Teacher-powered professional development: why it works and why YOU should plan and deliver it in your school - Missy Callaway, Sandra Hogue (Room - Taylor) Session Folder -
  • Cultivating a Culture of Joy in the Classroom - Randi Skaggs (Room - Trimble) Session Folder -
  • Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: Full STEAM Ahead Administrators, Specials & Teachers - Kristina Bloch (Room - Whitley) Session Folder -
  • Introduction to Desmos Calculator - Harsh Upadhyay (Room - Franklin) Session Folder -

To see session descriptions, click here

Our Keynote Speakers

Friday PM General Keynote - Dr. Felicia Cumings Smith

Dr. Smith, a proud graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park High School and the University of Louisville, is the Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services in JCPS. She started her career as an elementary and reading resource teacher in JCPS, helping to design and lead curriculum work in literacy and formative assessment benchmarks.

Before coming back to JCPS in October, Felicia served as a senior program officer of K-12 Education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to her work with Gates Ed, she directed field work for the state for the National Institute for Schools Leadership and the National Center for Education and the Economy. She has also served as an associate commissioner of education and the chief academic officer for the Kentucky Department of Education.

Saturday AM Keynote - Jahi Peake

Jahi Peake has been the Visual Arts instructor at Whitney Young Elementary for the past 6 years. Within his time at Young he has started and/or sponsored several different activities for students, including; Art Club, Basketball, Track and Field, Social Emotional mentoring groups, Reading/Art club for 2nd grade distinguished students and a host of other activities. Mr. Peake holds a BA in Art Education, MAT in Teacher Leadership, and is scheduled to complete his EdS in Instructional Leadership and School Administration this summer. Jahi is a strong advocate for the city of Louisville and its communities by serving as the chair of a Sowing Seeds with Faith, a nonprofit organization that includes tutoring, mentoring, and summer enrichment programs.

Saturday PM Keynote - Dawn Foley

Dawn is in her 11th year of teaching and is a National Board Certified Exceptional Child Education teacher at Butler High School, her alma mater. With undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Louisville, Dawn is in her 6th year as the Best Buddies sponsor, from which she has been honored with numerous awards from the organization as well as receiving the 2016 Breaking Barriers Spotlight Award for JCPS. The wife and mother of two boys, Ace and Jak, considers herself blessed to work in the field, as working with unique abilities has always been one of her passions

Professional Credit Information

  • All attendees will receive 6 credit hours of PD for attending ECET2Lou.
  • ECET2Lou does not utilize the traditional pdCentral process (not listed until after).
  • All attendees are manually entered post convening.
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Special thanks to Stan Torzewski and Kip Hottman for creating the special lyrics to "Don't Stop Achieving"

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