3D News

September 2015

Back to School Night!

Thank you for a fabulous BTSN. It was great seeing you all!

If you have not had a chance to sign up for Remind 101 here is how you can join our class list to receive quick reminders throughout the week:

Text this message: @3daniels

to this number: 81010

We are Stars!

Maeve is our Star of the Week. We learned these top 3 facts about her:

  1. I have traveled to Alaska, Utah, Arizona, Bermuda, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Miami!
  2. When I grow up I would like to be an Olympic champion soccer player.
  3. I have 4 older brothers!

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We are Readers!

We know that reading is thinking! We've been practicing our reading stamina and have reached our goal of reading for 24 minutes. Our next goal will be reading for 30 minutes.

Good readers:

- Choose "just right" books

- Use the five finger rule to check that their book is not too difficult

- Read a variety of genres

- Read books that are interesting to them

- Ask questions as they read

- Buzz with a buddy about what they read

- Collect words that are new or difficult

- Share connections, thoughts, and predictions as they read

Mrs. Simkus was our Surprise Guest Reader this month!

Did you know Mrs. Simkus loves to trave! She's been to Madrid, Paris, and Istanbul.

Thank you for visiting our class. We loved listening to Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. We will remember to be creative and unique and to think "ish-ly" in all that we do!

3D Families, we can't wait for you join 3D as a Guest Reader!

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We are Writers!

We are writing true, small moment stories in writers workshop.

We are collecting ideas to help us write true stories. Here are some good tips we use:

  • Think of a person who matters to you, list small moments, choose one, then write!
  • Think of a place that matters to you, map small moments, choose one, then write!

We are Mathematicians!

Unit 1 is a review of Second Grade skills. So far we have practiced:

- using the number grid to count +10, -10, +1, -1

- using the number grid to find patterns in numbers

- using the number grid to find the difference between two numbers

- telling time to the closest minute on an analog clock

- collecting, displaying, and analyzing data on a bar graph, tally chart, and pictograph

- finding the maximum, minimum, range, mode, and median

- writing equivalent names for numbers using money, tallies, number models (+, -, x), arrays, base-ten blocks,

- identifying the tag for name collection boxes and crossing out numbers that do not belong

- addition and subtraction facts

Please remember your child's personal login for Everyday Math is located on the inside of his or her Homework Planner.


Print Home Links and check out resources!


Practice facts and play games!

Our next facts quiz is Friday, October 2.

Math enrichment starts this week. Packets are due Friday.

We are Scientists!

We are getting ready to observe the growth and development of Wisconsin Fast Plants in our classroom!

This week we are observing a dry lima bean and then we'll compare it to a soaked one. We are learning to use scientific and objective descriptions when we collect data.

September Birthdays!

Happy birthday to our friends Brendan & Fiona. We helped them celebrate this month!
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A big thank you to the Haddonfield Rotary for visiting our class last week!

We received our own dictionaries and learned how to use this helpful resource. What a great gift for our third graders! :)
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Our first Community Meeting is September 29th.

Strings lessons starts October 6th.

Your child is responsible for completing any classwork he or she misses due to lessons.

September Scholastic Orders

Our scholastic book order was delayed a bit. The expected delivery date is October 1. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Orders are due by the 10th of the month. Class Activation Code: MCDV8