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TC Tech Team Newsletter - October

What's up this month?

Cyber Safety Month

October is recognized as Cyber Safety Month. Cyber safety is becoming more important than ever because 408 cyber attacks on K12 schools were investigated last year. We will have a few Vector (Safe Schools) training modules assigned this month. Be on the lookout!

National Principals Month

Each October, National Principals Month recognizes the essential role that principals play in making a school great. Principals are among the hardest working, yet often least recognized individuals in education. They set the academic tone for their school, and it is their vision, dedication, and determination that provide the mobilizing force for achieving student success. Let's take some time this month to celebrate our AWESOME principals! Visit this site for some great ideas to celebrate your principal -https://www.principalsmonth.org/celebrate/

RESA Offerings - Click here

There are quite a few classes being offered by RESA this month. Go check them out. Most are online and start at 3:30. Look forward to seeing some of you in these classes.

New Rollouts


Needing a video streaming site...well, we have one that you can use that is safe and reliable for schools. I think you will be excited about this site...Swank. You can access Swank via Clever. Swank provides our district with 220 videos, plus additional titles that teachers can request via the site.

  1. Login to Clever
  2. Click on Swank icon (bottom of page)
  3. Login the first time - jdoe@tattnall.k12.ga.us, pw - Warriors1 (after the 1st time, it will remember your login information)


All TC teachers have access to a tool for subject specific vocabulary development. Teachers can access the site via Clever. It offers a fun way to teach vocabulary to K12 students. Check it out! Let us know if you would like training on this resource.

Cyber Safety Training

More to come on this as our responsibility increases to safeguard personal information and be more secure online. Cyber Safety training via SafeSchools will be short and targeted to specific topics, such as creating strong passwords. We will continue this process via the Safeschools platform throughout the year.

Cyber Attacks...Too Close for Comfort

We often live in a bubble and don't realize what is going on in the cyber world around us. Many of us heard about the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline in May but never think that it could happen here in a rural GA school system. It has happened and quite recently. Two RESAs and one school district have experienced cyber attacks in GA this year. This is why the Tech Team takes extra precautions to protect the information that is housed on our district servers. It is up to us to keep data as secure as possible. There are times...I know...where it keeps you from accessing a certain site or resource but trust us, it is in the best interest of our district. During Cyber Safety Month we will share various modules to help you better understand best practices to help prevent cyber attacks. Remember, when in doubt, don't click!

Check out this article on cyber attacks in K12 schools -