Distance Learning is Here!

Expectations, Schedules, and Next Steps

From the Home Office of Mr. Miller:

Grant Families,

I hope this update finds you all healthy and doing well! As hard as these times are, I always try to look for the positive. For me, I've found that having to stay home has given me the opportunity and time to spend with my wife and son. Typically during our normal school year, finding that time can be challenging. I feel fortunate to be able to help my son practice writing his name, to play a family game, or even cook a meal with my wife. It's the small things that mean the most, sometimes. I hope you have been able to find the positive in all of this, too. With that said, I can tell you that I speak for the entire Grant staff that we miss our students. We, like you, are hoping for the best resolution to all of this so we can see our students walking the halls, jumping and climbing in the gym, or laughing with their friends on the playground, soon.

With that said, I want to present to you the upcoming expectations, schedule, and next steps as they pertain to our 'new' normal of distance learning. Our goal is to provide you and your student(s) meaningful and robust lessons as best we can. There are still a few key items D11 is working on, such as getting technology to the families that need it most and getting hard copies of work to families that don't need/want technology. As you can imagine, having a "Stay At Home" order from the state of Colorado has made many of these decisions a challenge.

With these challenges, one of our main goals is going to be flexibility. The Grant staff will be flexible with your schedule, your needs, and your resources. We understand that every home is different and we want to support our Lions as best we can in order to meet your needs. Communication is also going to be critical between both home and school. The Grant staff will be communicating regularly with you and your students. I am going to ask, in return, that you provide flexibility and communication with us as well, as distance learning is new for all of us.

Finally, as I have stated before, we will get through this and come out better and stronger. I truly believe that! I really would like for all of us to stay as connected as possible. Reach out to your teacher, reach out to our Teaching and Learning Coach, reach out to our School Psychologist, our assistant principal Mrs. Johnson, and absolutely, reach out to me. We are here to support you the best we can. Below, you will find some additional expectations and the schedule of what distance learning will look like.

I value and appreciate your partnership.

Thank you,

Ryan Miller

Principal, Grant Elementary


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Distance Learning Schedule & Expectations:

As we start our distance learning, we want to bring consistency to you and your student(s). Therefore, here are some guidelines you should expect:

  • Every Monday will be teacher/team planning time for distance learning. Tuesday - Friday of each week will consist of the actual lessons from your Lion's teacher(s)
  • Depending on the grade level, expect about 2-3 hours worth of learning each day
  • Teachers will have "office hours", Tuesdays-Fridays, where they can be reached by phone, Class Dojo, or WebEx for virtual meetings/lessons (more info coming on Webex)
  • Everyday, a portion of this work will include a "specials" lesson, which will consist of a primary (K-2) or intermediate (3-5) Music, P.E., or Art lesson
  • There will be tech options and non-tech options for all families. Again, D11 is working on distributing needed tech and how to best distribute hard copy work while under the "Stay at Home" order (more info coming soon)
  • Instruction will be based on previously learned standards and material from this year before the closure
  • The work completed will help to improve grades. Grades will not be lowered due to these unforeseen circumstances
  • Work can be completed by students when it is most convenient for the family schedule, but it is encouraged to attend the teacher learning sessions, if possible
  • Some work may be daily lessons or may consist of multi-day projects
  • Choice Boards will be updated and can be utilized, if needed. Choice boards can be found here: www.d11.org/distancelearning
  • Students and families are highly encouraged to keep in communication with the teacher and needed support staff

March 30 - April 3:

Monday, March 30:
  • Teacher Professional Development and Planning to prepare for distance learning

Tuesday, March 31 - Friday, April 3:

  • Teachers and support staff will be in touch with families via a phone call to check-in and provide specific information. This information will include office hours for each teacher, learning session time, and to help answer any questions you may have
  • New Choice Boards will be available

Other Important Info:

  • Our butter braid fundraiser is on pause for now. The company is waiting for the schools to reopen in order to deliver the butter braids. We appreciate your patience.
  • All state testing (CMAS) will not take place this school year, as determined by Colorado Department of Education
  • Looking for a great math resource at home? ST Math is a district approved online math program that is available for free during the school closure. You can sign up at www.stmath.com

Contact Information:

Please remember that all teacher phone numbers and email addresses can be found on Grant's website (link below!) under "Contacts." If you call your teacher's work phone number, you will be directly connected to them!